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Hello I am Dwight Altenburg I'm a 62 yearold male and I had a background of pain symptomsmy feet for the last 10 years. I didn'trealize that the pains would be so long going and sustaining so I dismissed them and blamingthings such as the wearing heavy boots shoes that I wore through my occupation of workingfor the fire department for the last 40 years. The pain was worsethe evenings, it washot, very tingling, but I used to try to dismiss it. My wife would say to put ice packs onmy feet. And I said that I tried that but I doesn't help. So I started reading aboutsome of the foot symptoms and the sort of pain that was causedthe feet and I hadno idea that it was Peripheral Neuropathy.

I read that Peripheral Neuropathy can be relatedto diabetes. I was diagnosed with diabetes 7 years ago. I went to the medical sand was put on mediions for 6 months andthat time I opped at least 57 lbs. Istarted to exercise and it all seemed to help a little. I would play with my nutrition anddiet trying different things. I tried low carbohyates, I went and got eduionalclasses from Evergreen , I really became serious about wanting to improve myhealth so that I would be around for my grandchilen. I had gotten really scared about some of thesymptoms that diabetes can cause and I didn't want to have that so I decided to give mybest go. The painmy feet seemed to improve

after losing the weight, for at least a coupleof years, but I started to notice it more again as I started to exercise. It seemedthat the exercises I was doing, walking or riding a bicycle might play into it but whenI was away from those exercises for a week or so it didn't seem to go away any more.I received an adsthe Newspaper about neuropathy and how the Bellevue Pain could alleviatethe symptoms. I identified with those symptoms that were occurring to me and wanted to tryand stop this and nip thisthe butt like I did with my diabetes. So

I went through this pain program of Polzin's. I went through 10 weeks and I would say that my feet have returned toat least 90% normal feeling. I can feel my foot on the gas al again. I can feel hotand cold differences more so than other parts of my body. The prickling and so forth hasgone away. At night I used to have to sleep with the covers and blankets pulled up offmy feet so they wouldn't affect them. It was just so annoying that it would take meso much longer to fall asleep. Now I'm finding that it doesn't bother me when the sheetsare touching my feet and I do not have to put my feet outside of the covers. I'm feelingmuch more of an improvementall those areas.

I'm feeling very happy for it and I'mvery happy that I came to the Bellevue Pain Institute. I look forward to the home upkeep.I hope that others will be able to do this and be successful at it as well.

How Dietary Supplements Can Help with Neuropathy

Hi, this is Silvester and I'm goingto talk to you about justgeneral why we use supplementspatients with neuropathy.We really have worked hard at trying to establish a neuropathy relief center at our .What we're after is to try to give the patient, besides just the normal pharmaceutical treatmentthat you can get at most of the s around that just give you a pill to take and it makesyou feel a little better, but really doesn't solve the problem we try to give you solutionsto get your neuropathy better, to improve them. We've invested a lottrying tolearn about supplements and the role that they play, using pharmaceuticals appropriatelyto give you relief, using electrical nerve

signal therapy with local anesthetic blockto try and regenerate nerves, laser therapy has been very effective at helping nervesget better not just feel better, but also get better. Also, there's surgery,theright person. Sometimes nerves are pinchedassociationwith having neuropathy the nerves can be entrapped, just like carpal tunnel synome can causepain under you hand, the same thing can happenyour foot and lower extremity, so by decompressingthose nerves, you can have significant relief and amatically improve nerve function, andin the case of patients with diabetes, much lower risk of future diabetic foot ulcers,and that's been demonstrated by a lot of

studies that have been done.How supplements work basically is, a lot of them are geared towards helping the cell,the nerve cell, have enough energy. The nerve cellsgeneral are very high energy consumers,and they're very small, very long, skinny nerves and if they don't have enough energy,they can't heal themselves and repair themselves or maintain this electrogradient that'sacross the nerve. For example, how a nerve carries an impulseis there's an electrical current and there's a little gate that opens and lets calciumin and out of the cell, and it creates an electrical current across this nerve. To establishthat, the cell has to pump that calcium out

to keep that gradient there. It has to workall of the time, and what happens when you get not enough energy, those gates just stayopen, the nerve doesn't function and you start getting feelings like burning, tingling,electrical sensation, and eventually numbness because the nerve doesn't work. I've actuallyhad patients who I've operated on without local anesthetic and they haven't felt ita bit because they're so profoundly neuropathic their nerves are so far damaged that theydon't feel anything. That's a major cause of falls, it's amajor cause of ulcers, it's a major cause of calluses I've had patients break theirfeet and not feel it they comeand they

have a swollen, red foot and they don'tknow why, and you take xrays and they have all of these fractures inside of their foot.There are ways, if you ch it early enough, and use the right supplements and keep yourblood sugar down, that you can preserve your nerve function until latelife and havea healthy life. Thanks for listening.

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