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YSoft SafeQ enterprise print management solution longer version

Whether your business isa single loion,multiple cities or across different continents, there are many opportunities to efficiently manageyour print fleet and printing services. Today's smart businesses look at new opportunities to reduce costs. Inefficient use of paper when printing or copying and unnecessarycolor prints are the biggest opportunities for reducing costs. Increasing document security is also on the agenda for most companies today. Sensitive or confidential information can fall into the wrong handsor there is no audit trail for scanned or copied documents.

And, the third opportunity is enabling employees to work more efficiently, even when they are working remotely. So how can YSoft SafeQ deliver on these opportunities? YSoft SafeQ is a print management and document capture solution for centralized control over your entire print environment. The YSoft SafeQ suite provides the software and workflows to delivercosts savings, document security and improved productivity. YSoft SafeQ empowers you to enforce print governance rules designed to reduce costs. Common rules include forcing color prints to black and whiteand single page to duplex. YSoft SafeQ increases document security while print jobs are releasedand only when employees authentie at the printer.

And, scan management provides an audit trail for whichdocuments are scanned, by whom and where they are sent. Improving employee productivity helps the bottom line of any organization. Employees can print from whatever device they are usingand where ever they are. No additional print ivers or IT assistance is needed. These and many other powerful innovations enable youto efficiently manage your print environment. YSoft SafeQ gives you the tools and reports you needto make factbased decisions for reducing costs, increasing document securityand improving employee productivity. The YSoft SafeQ software solution is certified and integratedwith the most popular multifunction device brands.

With over 8,000 customers worldwide, global support and service, YSoft SafeQ is the smart choice for print management solutions. Learn more by scheduling your personal demo of YSoft SafeQat ysoft demo.

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