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When you originally presented to the officeyou presented with very very intense peripheral neuropathy painthe lower legs and feet.How have you been responding to our peripheral neuropathy treatments, and how do you feeltoday? Today I feel real good, when I first started i couldn't feel a thing under thebottom of my feet. I couldn't feel the car, now I can walk on my car at home and ifthere are any crumbs I can feel those and find them. Before I couldn't feel them. Asfar as my legs go I had it felt like there were thousands of needles jabbing them. Nowthat is gone and I have a little pain oncea while but nothing like before. I can,I have little unbalances still walking, but

otherwise I feel 100% better than I did whenI camehere. Well congratulations on your results and we're very proud to have you hereas a patient. Oh well I'm glad you could do something for me. Thank you.

What Causes Painful and Numb Feetthe Morning

We treat a lot of heel pain, or plantar fasciitis,in our office. Many of the symptoms include pain when you first get upthe morning,burning, numbness, and increased symptoms by the end of the day. The pain is usuallycaused by tightening of the plantar fascia ligament, loed on the bottom of the foot.The plantar fascia ligament supports the arch. When you are resting, the ligament contracts.As you start to walk, the ligament pulls and may tear slightly, causing pain. Heel pain can also be brought on by trauma,overexertion, illfitting shoes, or poor foot alignment. We initially treat plantar fasciitisconservatively with icing, stretching, strapping,

antiinflammatory mediions, physical therapy,night splints, and possibly an injection. Proper foot support is one of the most importanttreatments we recommend. The purpose of foot support is to stop the ligament from tearing,thereby getting at the cause of the problem. We often prescribe a custom orthotic for thebest possible foot support. Custom orthotics are inserts that fit into your shoes, whichare custom molded specifically to your foot to correct the faulty foot alignment and bringyour foot into a more natural position. We find that most of our patients respondto conservative treatment with favorable outcomes. So, if you're suffering with heel pain,don't wait for it to become a chronic problem.

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