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Peripheral Neuropathy Symptoms Relieved Davis

When you originally presented to the officeyou presented with very very intense peripheral neuropathy painthe lower legs and feet.How have you been responding to our peripheral neuropathy treatments, and how do you feeltoday? Today I feel real good, when I first started i couldn't feel a thing under thebottom of my feet. I couldn't feel the car, now I can walk on my car at home and ifthere are any crumbs I can feel those and find them. Before I couldn't feel them. Asfar as my legs go I had it felt like there were thousands of needles jabbing them. Nowthat is gone and I have a little pain oncea while but nothing like before. I can,I have little unbalances still walking, but

otherwise I feel 100% better than I did whenI camehere. Well congratulations on your results and we're very proud to have you hereas a patient. Oh well I'm glad you could do something for me. Thank you.

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DRHOS Circulation Promoter Instructional Tutorial

Hi The circulation promoter is fantastic for treating anyone with foot pain, any kind of problems with your lower limb. In fact, for your entire body. But for the lower limb, this is especially an excellent device for treating yourself If you suffer with poor circulation or nerve damage from diabetic neuropathy if you have polio if you had a stroke

if you have sciatic nerve problem from the herniated disc from your lower back that causes pain down your leg, this device is fantastic. But for those of who got bad circulation, this is a musthave. Especially if you suffer from diabetes. Diabetic neuropathy can be fatal because loss of sensationyour legs, and any kind of cutyour feet, as a result of not knowing what you're stepping on

can cause infection and obviously very serious problems So it's very important to use this on a regular basis to keep the circulation flowingyour limb. Not only that, to wake up the nerves to activate the nerves, so that the sensation comes back So that your motor functions like the muscle functions

becomes normalized so that you have the power so you can have the coordination so that you can live a healthy life. By using this, I believe it can keep you functioning better, so that you can stay active. And that is very important. Now, my circulation promoter is very different than others

The main reasons are the following. One, it is powered by the technology of the pain therapy machine. This device is known, and scientifically proven to help relax your muscles, relieve your pain, and promote circulation. We have al studies that proves it. There may be devices out there that mimic our type of stimulation but they do not have the proof that it really works. So I urge you, stick to things that are really proven.

This is important for your health. Now, another thing that is special about this is, it's much more powerful. Because the power that comes from this unit, there's nothing else. This little device can be more powerful than the plugunits we usethe . And the fact that using this unit allows this entire system to be totally portable because it operates on batteries. There's a little boxhere that holds, that houses the batteries. Because this operatedbatteries, you can use this anywhere. You can use ityour house; any roomyour house

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