Prevalence Of Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

Korean researchers develop ug delivery system for diabetes mediion

Korean researchers have developed a ug deliverysystem for diabetes mediion,. building on Google's glucosesensing smart contactlens for measuring glucose levels. The method could also have significant impliionsfor ug delivery systems and treatments for other diseases.Lee Jiwon has more. The prevalence of diabetes is increasing worldwide,with the number of people with diabetes nearly quaupling to 420million since 1980.Koreans are part of the growing number as well. quot;Over 5million Koreans have diabetes. Includingpeople at risk for the disease, the estimate

goes up to 12million.quot; Since diabetes is a lifelong condition, peopleneed to monitor their blood sugar levels every day.To do that, they use a glucose meter, which requires them to prick their finger to geta blood sample for a glucose test. But Korean researchers at Pohang Universityof Science and Technology have found a new way to both measure glucose levels and delivermediion using a soft contact lens. When a person puts the lens on, a biosensorembeddedit measures the sugar levelthe person's tears.With the smart contact developed by the Korean

researchers, if the glucose level is too high,an electric current is released, melting a gold film covering the ug delivery system,.which releases the ug into the eyes. The technology is expected to help treat eyediseases such as retina diseases and glaucoma. quot;The big developmentthis research is thatwe were able to find ways to deliver the ug through tears, and that we are the first tomake a smart contact lens that can treat diabetes.quot; The research has gone through a technologyverifiion process and is now going through al testing, with the hope it will beready for commercialization after five years. Lee Jiwon, Arirang News.

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