Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment Success

Today we are here with Amir, he came intoour office Valentine Chiropractic originally by iving by and seeing our our previousadsthe newspaper regarding Laser and Decompression treatments. He camewith Plantar Fascitisand came to realize after being examined that he really had Peripheral Neuropathy. He wentto Kaiser, tried to put hima cast for 4 weeks and he started to lose strength inhis legs, he was also on pain pills which were making him violently sick. He was lookingfor some other modality to help him, he felt there had to be something out there that couldhelp. I happened to be iving by your building and i looked and saw that you talked aboutbeing Gluten Free and Peripheral Neuropathy,

so I called and talked to your brother Leonard Valentine and had a good conversation and felt very comfortable that you guys couldhelp me with my chronic plantar fascitis. The pain I had was not justmy heels it wasthe whole bottom of my foot hurt plus my heel and Kaiser was telling me it could come fromyour back so they did back xrays, nothing showed up on my back xrays, so then theysaid it was my weight. It turns out it wasn't my weight it turns out I had another ailment,that needed to be treated and healed, so now since starting treatment which has been about2 weeks and the whole bottom of my foot and my heel that I'm not feeling any pain in.So this is the first time2 years that

you have gone 2 weeks without any pain atall? Correctthat's is phenomenal and being off pain pills for a month, that has beenthe first time2 years. What would you say to those people all around the world whosuffer with plantar fascitis or peripheral neuropathy? We work with people all arounddifferent states who suffer with this very same problem, we can help those people aslong as they are willing to reach out. What would you say to the people else where sufferingwith Peripheral NeuropathyI would say this program works, I haven't even beenthisprogram 7 weeks, maybe 57 weeks this has got to be the program that is going to helppeople, I have found nothing else to help

meyour program is wonderful for treatingand fixing people with Plantar Fascitis or Peripheral Neuropathy.

NDEP Getting Ready for Your Diabetes Care Visit

The reason it's so important for a person to prepare for the encounter with thehealthcare team is because this is going to be where the person getsthe information that they need to help solve the problems thatthey may have been havingthe management oftheir diabetes. Because you need to know what to do foryourself as an expectation between this visit and thenext one you make. The kinds of things that a patient ought to

be sure to bring with them when they comefor a visit, one is to make sure that they have carefully outlinedany recent problems that they've had. things that they're concerned about, so thatthose will get attention during that visit. They must get clarifiion about whatthings they need to do better, and how could theydo those things better to improve that aspect of management. They should bring the results of theirglucose monitorings over a period of time, their logbooks or their meters

that need to be downloaded. They should have a list of all of theirmediions what they are, how often they are taking them including nonprescription mediions. Sharing information between the patient and the healthcare team is really criticalbecause, the patient really has to feel that they trust the healthcare team,that they can be open, they can be honest about anything that they haveconcerns about.

I encourage patients to write down theirquestions, to take those with them to the visit, makesure that all of the issues get vetted, and then to write down the responses. You don't need permission to ask questionsabout your health. You don't need permission to write notes onresponses that are given to you about your health.

You are really, ultimately, the person incharge of managing your diabetes. You are getting advice from a team that youhave engaged to help you with that, and you have to makesure that that team functionsa way that's going to maximallybenefit you and the outcomes that youdeserve. You can get more information about managing and preventing diabetes by visitingYourDiabetesInfo . Music

I'm Gavin and your health care team canhelp you manage your diabetes.