Reducing Neuropathy Discomfort with Alpha Lipoic Acid

Hi, this is Silvester and I'm goingto talk to you about another one of the supplements that we useour patients who have diabeticneuropathy and that's called alpha lipoic acid. Alpha lipoic acid has been used for20 years, treating a lot of different conditions: HIV, sciatica, cancer, liver problems, hepatitis,strokes, vascular disease, diabetes, aracts, glaucoma, and multiple sclerosis. Also, it'sbeen usedpatients who have Alzheimer's, to try to help them somewhat. It's not completelyeffectiveany of those things it's a supplement and used as an adjunctive treatmentfor all of those things. It also plays an important rolenerve metabolism, becausewhat alpha lipoic acid does, is it works in

a thing called the Krebs Cycleyour cell.What the Krebs Cycle is is it's the cycle that generates most of the energy that a cellneeds. If you think of it like a gas tanka car,alpha lipoid acid supports putting fuelthat gas tank. The energy requirements incells varies a lot on the type of the cell. Your skin cells don't require very muchenergy, muscle cells require some, tendons require very little because they just sitthere, but nerve cells are always using energy. They're the most nerve sensitive cell inyour body. By taking alpha lipoid acid and supporting that fuel tank, you can actuallyincrease your nerve's ability to function

normally and to heal. The other thing thatalpha lipoid acid does is after you take enough that your Krebs Cycle is full, it then becomesan antioxidant. If you do some research on oxidative stress, we think that plays a significantrolea lot of different disease processes including neuropathy. Alpha lipoic acid isa supplement that we use quite frequentlyour patients with diabetic neuropathy,and what we tell them is that they've got to be a little bit careful, because alphalipoic acid can lower your blood sugar. It's a benefit if you have a little trouble withyour blood sugar, it's probably not a benefit if you're under good control. Also, it cancause a little problem with your thyroid.

Levothyroxine can go down and also you probablyshouldn't take it if you're having chemotherapy or radiation therapy because it helps cellsheal, and the treatment you're undergoing to try to get rid of those problems, the reasonyou're going to go on chemotherapy or radiation therapy is to kill cells, and so you probablydon't want to take alpha lipoic acid if you're getting those.Alpha lipoic acid has been shown to be pretty effectivehelping patients with neuropathy.Thanks for listening!.

Living With Diabetes Practical Steps

Living with Diabetes Practical Steps Regardless of what age you are diagnosed withdiabetes or which of the two types you have, it helps to have some coping strategies. Living with diabetes can be challenging, butit certainly need not keep you down. Here are some practical steps for living withdiabetes. Connecting with Others. One of the most helpful things you can dois get to be a part of the diabetes communityyour area.

You'll learn you're not alone; you'll probablypick up valuable information, tips, and literature, and you'll learn about upcoming events, retreats,and camps. This can be helpful for chilen who wantto fitwith a peer group but aren't sure how or if others will accept them, or foradults who feel isolatedtheir condition. It helps a lot just to know there are otherswho understand what it's like. Form a Group. If you don't have a local support group fordiabetics, consider forming one. Members can meet at your house or at a localvenue, and you can set up social networking

or a website to keeptouch. You can plan outings, gatherings, meetings,and so forth, and keep your group informed about events. Take Control. While regular visits to your physician areimportant, diabetics ultimately have to be responsible for their own daily care. You have to learn to take your own blood sugarand administer your own insulin, and only you know when something feels quot;off.quot;

It's up to you to implement an exercise regimenand eat the right foods. Learning this basic truth you are responsiblefor managing your diabetes can take some of the stress out of living with this condition. Don't Beat Yourself Up. For those with Type II diabetes or for parentsof chilen who have Type I, it can be tempting to get caught upthe selfblame game. The development of Type II diabetes may infact be linked to certain lifestyle choices, but it's not necessarily so; and even if itis, you have to move forward and into a healthy

lifestyle. Parents whose child or chilen have TypeI may blame themselves mothers may worry about something they did while pregnant, orobsess over letting their child eat a lot of sugar before the diagnosis. None of these blames are necessarily eventrue! It wastes time and energy to worry, so focuson moving forward and getting the most out of life from here on out. This may be the beginning of an opportunityfor selfimprovement and selfcontrol.

Have a Plan. Having a plan can help you staycontrolin a given situation, and get the most out of parties and holidays. Decide ahead of time how you will handle holidayand party treats so you don't have to think on your feet each time you're offered a goody.