Diabetic Shoes Can Help Back Pain

Hi my name is Arlene and I'm a patient of Pandya. I was fitted for diabetic shoes and since I've had them I have no more painin my legs or my back when I'm walking and they work great for me. I hope you'll trythem too. Thank you.

Staffordshire University awarded European grant for new diabetic footwear

This is an innovative project with fourother partners across Europe and India. The project focuses on the useof smart and innovative materials for use within diabetic footwear. Type 2 diabetes is a bigproblem, it's a growing problem across the world. TypicallyEurope we have aboutthree to five percent of incidence of diabetes. Within this, we have quite a highrate of ulcerations

anda diabetic foot, one of the problemsis that once it's ulcerated, it might end up being amputated. The new design of foot pad is going todistribute the pressures and the load more evenly across the plantedsurface of the foot, hence there's not going to be any particularpoint that there's going to be a very high load, andthat sense we are distributing theload distributing the pressure,

by which we are preventing ulcerformation. So if the ulcer doesn't form, then we don't have amputations. AR s, who we work with, are an established diabetic South India. Because of their focus within that, it's easy forus to work with an organization like that because the focus is going to be betes rather than anything else.

Also, the incidence of diabetes inIndia is quite high at the moment. According to recent reports,about nine percent of the Indian population is diabetic. It's growing exponentially as we speak and soa few years' time, given the population of India,over a billion, even a small percentage of thatnumber would be a huge number and even if you could impact a fewthousands of people,

you're going to achieve what we wantto achieve.