Doria Talks Finding New Kidney Disease Treatment with PERL

My name is Allesano Doria and Iworkthethe research division of the Joslin. My research is specifically ondiabetic compliions and now how to find new ways to prevent thisproblempeople with diabetes and one particular focus that we haveis on kidney compliions and we made a lot of progressatrying to reduce this problem by better quality control and by better control blood pressure. However still a

significant number of people withdiabetes end up developing kidney disease and requiringkidney transplant to survive. One study that we are doing and we are really excited about iscalled preventing early reno lossdiabetes. What we'retrying to do is to see whether mediion that is commonly usedto decrease uric acidblood canalso work to slow down or prevent the kidneyfunction loss

people with type 1 diabetes andthis research is based on some findings that we have hereat the Joslin; we found that people with the relatively high uric acidlevelsblood had increased risk of losing kidneyfunction and so we are trying to see whether by decreasing uric acid we can actually prevent this problemfrom happening and if this is the results will have a newtreatment for kidney compliions that we can

add good lessoncontrolling to controlblood pressure. This is a clear example of translating research that happened here at the Joslinto new therapies and I'd like to thank all the people who will be supporting the and the research division for their help because withoutthat this message would not be possible.