ICD10CM Diabetic Retinopathy Coding Demonstration

gt;gt; I'm going to demonstratehow to use the IC10CM code book for looking at medicalcodes for diagnosis coding for both inpatientsand outpatients. When you get this code book for your first coding classit looks really intimidating because it's so thickand it's so full of medical conditions and codes. And it is really quite simple touse when you learn the process.

So, we're going tostart with a scenario. The scenario we'regoing to code is; this 62 year old maleis being seen for mild, nonproliferative diabeticretinopathy with macular edema. He has type two diabetesmellitus and takes insulinon a daily basis. He also has diabeticaracthis right eye. What diagnosis codesare assigned?

First we have to determine whatthe principle diagnosis is. Andthis case it isdiabetic retinopathy. That is the mainreason, after study, that he was seen for this visit. There's additionaldescriptive terms about that diabetic retinopathy, andsome cases it mightbe coveredone code,other cases wemight need two codes

to tell the completestory about his condition. In addition to that, we'regoing to code an additional code of diabetic aractin the right eye. In some cases ICD10 hasright and left codes. In other cases they don't. So, we'll have tolook up that code and determine howspecific we can get. In addition, he takesinsulin on a daily basis.

So, we're going to havea third code for that. We don't code ugsall the time, but we do code longterm use of ugs, like insulin wouldbe for a diabetic. So, I'm going to start bylookingmy alphabetical index for diabetic retinopathy. We always startthealphabetical index. And so I'm going tolook for diabetes.

And I found diabetes with and so if I go down that list, on the next page Ifind retinopathy. So, I've got diabetes with a subterm of with and then a sub term under that of retinopathy. I see some additionalsub terms below that. I see, quot;with macular edema,quot; andthen I see quot;nonproliferative.quot; And nonproliferativeis the type that he has. I see, quot;with macularedemaquot; below that.