Becoming Food Smart for Chronic and Autoimmune Disease

Speaker 1: Thank you for joining me. Today,we�re going to be talking about how nutritional changes with the way we eat particularly ourdiets, are very important for chronic disease and cancer, is a big part of our nutrition.As we continue here with our presentation, I recommend you pause and look at our tutorialdisclaimer. We�re going to get right into the subject matter. Here we have � I broughtup this so we could see � look how popular diets have become or at least eating recipes,things of that nature. Look at all these stars from food TV network, and I think as I�mglancing by here, I don�t see necessarily healthy food but comfort food, foods thatpeople can do for holidays and sweets and

deserts and these kinds of things. This reallydoesn�t bring health to people, and yet it�s really with iving a lot of our dietarydecisions and recipes at home, but we need to look at fooda different. It�s theold Hippocrates quotes, some of you have heard this before, �Let food thy medicine andlet thy medicine be thy food.� We�re going to take a look real quick.Look at the amount of diets there are; vegetarian, low calories � so many of these. Which oneof these is really good for chronic diseases and cancer. We�re going to really talk aboutthat. Then we looked at an estimated amount of 67% of Americans are overweight, and I�lltalk about thata moment. In about 95%

of all diets fail, and we want to know whythey fail so quickly within six months, but they�re alldiet.Gerson is been around for a long time, great whole food of organic, juicing, lots of vegetables� very powerfulthe area of antioxidant, life food, enzymes, helping the body heal� real popular diet for cancer patients. Really, as you can take a look here from Gerson,these types of foods and diets are helpful for patients.Let�s take a look at a few other ones. There are a lot of good diets that have alreadybeen out there that people have usedthe past. Let�s take a look at the Paleo dietwhich is a real popular one, increasing the

protein � Here we�re talking about qualityprotein like grabs fat, antibiotic hormone, free meat, lower the carbohyate is a glycemicindex of the foods, and we�ll talk about that. Then the higher fiber food which aremore richnutrients, increasing more Omega 3 and six fatty acids, salmon, flaccid, byeating real unprocessed foods we get more potassium by doing that, and we get more alkalinefoods when we eat more fruits and vegetables and not just proteinthe diet, and lotmore vitamins and nutrients when we�re eating plants. This is another diet that people haveused and is another good quality diet as well. Let�s take a look at Peter D�Adamo withthe �Eat Right for your Blood Type Diet�

where basically the diet is based on lectinswhich are protein substances, as you can see here commonly foundfood with glycoprotein,glycolipids on the surface of these cell membranes and how this impacts the sticking together,the agglutinating of these cells, it impacts circulation and cell to cell communiion.That�s at least the principals behind these diets. We have to look a little bit further.In 2008 or 2009, we developed the �Stupid Diet� which was, my wife and I who wrotethe book, so I have quite a little bit of background herenutrition anddietaryhealth. When you look at these diets particularly, we look here at the diets like Jenny Craig� these are not the good ones, weight watcher,

but we look at things like alkaline foods,raw foods, Gerson�s, Paleo�s, Zone, eating the right ratios within our food, antiinflammatorywhich has become really popular including Anew Weil promoting that blood type.These are all good diets; whole food, organic food principally.Before we get into these becoming food smart, what we need for chronic disease and cancers,let�s take a look at the purpose of why we�re not eating so well. I think it�sbecause we�re looking for happinessall the wrong places. Here we have somebody goingin their refrigerator, grabbing that, �I deserve that chocolate cake. It�s been ahard day.� I think food is so connected