Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment Success

Today we are here with Amir, he came intoour office Valentine Chiropractic originally by iving by and seeing our our previousadsthe newspaper regarding Laser and Decompression treatments. He camewith Plantar Fascitisand came to realize after being examined that he really had Peripheral Neuropathy. He wentto Kaiser, tried to put hima cast for 4 weeks and he started to lose strength inhis legs, he was also on pain pills which were making him violently sick. He was lookingfor some other modality to help him, he felt there had to be something out there that couldhelp. I happened to be iving by your building and i looked and saw that you talked aboutbeing Gluten Free and Peripheral Neuropathy,

so I called and talked to your brother Leonard Valentine and had a good conversation and felt very comfortable that you guys couldhelp me with my chronic plantar fascitis. The pain I had was not justmy heels it wasthe whole bottom of my foot hurt plus my heel and Kaiser was telling me it could come fromyour back so they did back xrays, nothing showed up on my back xrays, so then theysaid it was my weight. It turns out it wasn't my weight it turns out I had another ailment,that needed to be treated and healed, so now since starting treatment which has been about2 weeks and the whole bottom of my foot and my heel that I'm not feeling any pain in.So this is the first time2 years that

you have gone 2 weeks without any pain atall? Correctthat's is phenomenal and being off pain pills for a month, that has beenthe first time2 years. What would you say to those people all around the world whosuffer with plantar fascitis or peripheral neuropathy? We work with people all arounddifferent states who suffer with this very same problem, we can help those people aslong as they are willing to reach out. What would you say to the people else where sufferingwith Peripheral NeuropathyI would say this program works, I haven't even beenthisprogram 7 weeks, maybe 57 weeks this has got to be the program that is going to helppeople, I have found nothing else to help

meyour program is wonderful for treatingand fixing people with Plantar Fascitis or Peripheral Neuropathy.

Cold Numb Burning Feet Neuropathy Relief TheVillagesNeuropathy

When you originally presented to the office,you presented with cold, numb, and burning feet due to neuropathy. Yes I did. We managedyou here with the Davis neuropathy program, how are you feeling today and what's beenyour experiencethe office? I'd say I'm almost one huned percent better. It's probablyan 8 or a 9 but I call it a huned percent because I feel so great. How were you doingbefore you found the office here, what was it like dealing with neuropathy? No sleep,I couldn't walk very far. Now I can walk, and I just feel so great. I love it. Wellcongratulations on your results and we're very glad to have you here as a patient. Okay,I was proud to be here because everybody is

so happy here, that's what I love.

Buschs neuropathy protocol and DRS Protocol changed their livesmov

Alright we are here today with JR, JR go aheadand wave at everybody there, say hello. Howdy. JR came to the Busch Chiropractic ,he was dealing with quite a bit of neuropathy pain due to some conditions he had had inthe past. JR can you tell us a little bit about what you were experiencing from a painstandpoint and how it was affecting you before you came in. Well I was, a lot of numbness,and it felt like my feet were frozen and they're thawing out and a lot of pain there and Idon't have that anymore. I got through that. And I couldn't sleep at nights and I can dothat real good at night now. Yea you're sleeping a lot better than you were before right? Ohyea. You also had a lot of burning pain in

your calves and that sort of thing. Crampingup and that sort of thing. What were some of the things it was preventing you from doing?I know that you like to go outside and do yard work and all that sort of thing was itpreventing you from doing that sort of thing? Well mostly it was just sleeping at night.That was the hardest part right? Yea. And if you don't get a good night's sleep youdon't feel good at all through the day. Well I have to say, you know we're going to talkto the young lady here to his left who is his beautiful wife Doris, and Doris tell uswhat it was like for you as his spouse. Well it really was devastating to watch him andnobody could help him, and we were told there

was no help for what he had, and so I vowedI would, something come up that would help him we would do that. I picked up a brochurefrom this place and it sounded wonderful, and it is wonderful. I liked what they weredoing for him so much that I decided to join him and I had problem walking and I used awalker if I was going to do anything extensive. If he didn't sleep at night, I didn't either,and it was really ruining our lives. So I started taking treatments alsothe DRSsystem and I can't say enough good about it. Well I know you've mentioned this to me andI kind of want to ask you about it, and I'm going to ask you the same question JR on theopposite side, but how much different do you

notice JR is as a spouse since he began histreatment? Oh there's no comparison. He talks more and is more active and his attitude isimproved 100%. Yea he still gives me a lot of guff but I think that's from being a funnyguy. That one there does too. Right. It's been just a miracle to us, it really has,I can't recommend it high enough. And it's, I've got to tell ya, of all the patients I'veseen that I've worked with personally, all three of you folks that comehere are someof my favorites because it's just so nice seeing what a difference it is now versuswhen we first met. Our lives have improved so much that you can't help but comewitha good attitude. Right. Now JR I know we talk

a lot when we're back there doing your treatmentand you tell me what a difference you seethis young lady here since she began hertreatments with the DRS Protocol, what kind of differences do you notice with your wife?Well she walks better and she can reach higher to get stuff off the top shelves and stuffwhere before I, she had to get a stool or I had to get it for her. She just, well shestraightened up a little, I mean where she was bent over all the time. Now she can goout there and get you some dinner made without you having to, haha I'm just kidding. We havetheir daughter Caroline that has come with them religiously every day, which I thinkis fantastic. So do I. Yea I think it's great.

Caroline tell us a little bit about what you'veseen just overall with both of your parents and the differencetheir lives at thispoint. Well my dad's attitude has changed because he feels a lot better. Still bullheadedhuh? Yea. We were working on something for bullheadedness but we haven't come up withit yet. Doc said he can't work miracles. He watches TV where he didn't before, and he'sjust doing a lot better. He's more willing to get out and go a little bit where beforehe never wanted to go anywhere. And he's laughing more too I hear. Oh yes he's more his oldself again. Yea we like to laugh and have a good time back there while we're doing treatment.Now if you folks knew anyone that was dealing