How To Reverse Neuropathy Naturally

Hello and thank you for watching our tutorial.Have you been told that nothing can be done and that you are just going to have to livewith it regarding your Neuropathyyour feet? If you have been told that all of yourtests and ugs that you have been placed on won't be able to improve your condition,you are one of many people. Take heart though There are natural solutions to help your neuropathyin your feet that's effecting you. It's very important to adess the deeper cause of what's goingon, which are sick arterial walls. Did you know that by using a natural vasodilator andsome simple natural plant based all natural ingredients that you can start a process that can notonly stop the neuropathy from progressing

it even has a chance to reverse it just alittle bit so you can get back to your life again and stop progressing down this roadthat neuropathy takes so many people down. I am glad that you have the inclination, idea,and thought to seek out natural means for help with your diabetic neuropathy. Naturalis always the way to go. Thanks for watching.

Agent Orange and Disability Benefits VA Attorney Jackson MacNichol

live from houston texas the humiditycapital of the world it's time for money for lunch where wefeed your brain and your business with supersized portions of business and financial news Now your host, Burt Martinez Hey guys we are back my next guestFrancis Jackson. Francis Jackson is an attorney whospecializesdisability law for those seekingveterans disability benefits and social security disability benefits.He's a founding partner of

Jackson MacNichol he has been featured all over the media including ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox Network or literally all over the country he is most recently appearedas a guest on on the show Ben Glass on the BenGlass Show and on the consumer advoeshow discussing benefits for veterans and socialsecurity disability benefits and how was practice allows him to make a differencethe lives ofpeople facing disabilities

if you guys have heard Francis I speakyou know that he is passionate about helping people with their social security disabilitybenefits as well as veterans. One of my favoritecontributors simply because he is Just so passionate about what hedoes also a little bit more misterjackson was honored by the National Academy of bestsellingauthors with a Quilly AwardSeptember of 2012

for his contribution as a joint authorto the Amazon bestselling book quot;Protect and Defendquot; where he wrote aboutprotecting one's rights to veterans' disability compensation Francis Jackson welcome back to Money for Lunch thank you so much Burt always a pleasure. Absolutely, you know today's been an interesting show we've been discussing you know our great country and some of the rights and

I'm glad to have you because I knowup your passion for helping our fighting men and women get theirbenefits and so it's always good to have you onthe show. Thanks so much Burt I was listening to your previouscallerthe discussion about starting a war and I was I was fascinated because as youknow what we're going to talk about today isrelated to vietnam and and that's one of thoseinteresting conflicts where there never

was any sort a declaration of war the president just kinda did it on hisown so it would be it would be quite fascinating if he hadto as your previous caller suggested go and get the the governors to sign on and contribute. I doubt that Vietnam would have happenedthose circumstances. Absolutely you know one of thethings that vietnam is famous for or infamous for,better yet