Post Surgical Neuropathy Numbness and Tingling of feetlegs TheVillagesNeuropathy

When you originally presented to the officeyou presented with limitation standing, and loss of sensation numbness and tingling inthe feet and lower extremities following a fusion lower lumbar spine. How have you respondedhere at Davis as far as us managing your back pain and neuropathythe lowerextremities, and what's been your experiences herethe ? Well the experience inthe has been very favorable. People are very friendly and forthright and I feelthey know their job and what they're doing and their pleasantness makes it a pleasureto come into the where generally you don't like to go see a . Well thoseare kind words I appreciate that. But the

uh, the sensationmy legs has dissipated,I'm able to stand and walk with much less difficulty. I feel much better about it. Wellcongratulations on the results and we're very very proud to have you here as a patient.