Pain nerve ug has no effect on back pain

A popularly used ug for nerve pain may notwork Popular Nerve Pain Medicine Has Little EffectOn Back Pain. Sonja Elmquist writingBloomberg News reportedthat Pfizer Inc.'s bestselling ug, Lyrica (pregabalin), “didn't help patients withthe most common cause of back pain,� severe lumbar spinal stenosis, “any more than aplaceboa small study.� The study's findings, publishedthe journal Neurology,casts “doubt on the potential for s to expand the mediion's use.� The FDA“has not approved the ug's use for spinal stenosis,� but Lyrica “and similar medicinesare often used to treat lower back pain.�

Comment: I don't use Lyrica for back pain.It is helpful for peripheral neuropathy and shingles pain though.

Why Do I Feel A Burning Sensation In My Feet With Neuropathy

Thank you for watching our tutorial. Today weare here to talk about Neuropathy and the burning pain that is associated with it. Asnerves become ill from poor circulation certain types of nerve fibersthe feet can giveoff sensations as they start to wither and die. Namely the C type fibers that let yourbrain know that normal temperature of your feet can give off sensations of freezing andburning as they start to decompose from Neuropathy. If you suffer from Neuropathy the naturalapproach to remediate it and help it is always the best way to go. We always encourage ourclients and everyone we talk to look toward natural remedies to help these problems, ratherthan these toxic remedies that just make things

worse. If this resonates with you please besure to seek out natural plant based safe remedies for these types of problems.