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When you first presented to the office, youpresented with chronic low back, leg pain, and neuropathy pain in your legs and feet.Your post surgical fusion patient and you had utilized a lot of different forms of therapyin pain management before coming to our office for help. How did you do with our therapyand how are you feeling today? Great, I don't have the pain down my leg, I have feelingin my feet now, I don't have that constant pain in the back. Well congratulations. We'revery proud of your results, and we're very proud to have you has a patient. Thank you.

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Hi my name is Bruce Wile and we heard about Polzin on TV one day, I've been having a lot of trouble with my feet; they've beenreal numb, my fingertips are numb and my balance is just horrible. So we happened to see Polzin on the TV one day and said 'Jeeze, you know, that just sounds like somethingthat I really should be doing' because it's just been getting worse and worse over theyears. We called him up and made an appointment and started coming and this is my twenty fifthsession now and I can absolutely feel a difference from when we started. My balance is just onehundred percent better. We noticed an improvement at about the tenth visit, we noticed an improvementin your balance by quite a bit. I just have

more energy now, you know, I used to haveto struggle to do things before but since I've been coming here it's just been one hundredpercent difference. I can't express how good it's been. And you're sleeping better at night,he couldn't sleep at night, he was in so much pain with his legs and taking pain pills andhe isn't doing that anymore. It's just been great. Is there anything that's changed asfar as activities or hobbies or anythings already? Well just that we can do more things,I don't get tired like I used to and I don't know, we haven't done anything since we startedcoming, but we'll go south in October and I'll really notice a difference then whenI play volleyball in the water. That's what

I'm looking forward to. Excellent. But, yeah,it's been a tremendous difference, I just can't say that enough.

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