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Small Fiber Neuropathy Symptoms Diagnosis and Treatment

Small fiber neuropathy is really an interestingcondition because it consists typically of just burning, numbness, pain of the feet,sometimes the hands later on without necessarily having any abnormalities on your EMG or nerveconduction study. So what I tell patients and actually residents or students who trainunder us is that a normal nerve conduction study does not exclude a neuropathy. And wewill confirm this by doing additional testing, specifically the nervous the the examinationat the bedside asking patients about their symptoms, for example, loss of sensation tocool or or hot temperatures, loss of pain sensation and also doing skin biopsies wherewe look at nerve densities in the skin both

from the calf and the thigh as well as doinga special test that looks at sweat function both in your foot in in the legs as well asthe feet to gauge the level of small fiber nerve damage. Small fiber neuropathy typicallywill progress unless the underlying cause is identified and reversed. Diabetes of coursebeing the most common cause is always screened for. But once the more common causes are excludedand the focus becomes on excluding any underlying secondary disease process but also controllingpain because if patients' symptoms of pain are generally controlled they tend to do prettywell and really have no other major functional deficits. I've really become interested overthe years is how interconnected neurology

and rheumatology are and one thing I oftendo on patients who have unexplained small fiber even autonomic neuropathy is have themsee rheumatology or get evaluated for connective tissue disorders like lupus or Sjogren's orsarcoid and sometimes even if we are not directly involved in treating the patients, this canbe the first sign of an underlying connective tissue disorder that can then be brought tothe attention of rheumatology and addressed from their standpoint.

Bellevue Chiropractor Reviews MidTreatment Evaluation Results with Peripheral Neuropathy Patient

You received so far, okay, and it talks aboutthe lasers and what it is they do. So just in a recap, when you first came in Shirley,a normal foot scores seventy four point on the vibration and cool and heat and lighttouch; you scored twenty points on the right leg and fifteen points on the left leg. Sothat's more than a thirty, thirty five percent is all you really have left in those nerves,so seventy percent deficit. Okay, they're seventy percent wiped out. Today after justten sessions, so only half way through, you scored fifty four on both feet. So now yourdeficit from seventy percent is down to reversed, it's only about thirty percent deficit. Thatis phenomenal. So that's just on the objective

test, on your subjective, we talked aboutwhen you entered in, how you, you know, walk and how does it feel. When you first scored,the worst score you can get is fifteen, and when you first came in you scored twelve.Pretty high score. The worst score you could score is fifteen and you scored twelve. Todayyou scored eight. The best score is zero, so you're on your way there! Better than halfway there as well. And then on the really important one, which is the walking scale,this is the test that evaluates how well you can function on a walking basis. Again normalis less than twelve points, the smaller the number the better, it's kind of like golf.When you first came in you scored sixty point

which qualified for severe disability; anythingover forty six points is severe. Today you scored only thirty eight, you're no longerseverely disabled, you're moderately disabled. Everything is going in the right direction.It feels like it, I'm getting better. Yeah, so what are the best things you've seen sofar? Well moving my feet, my toes, I can move them and I think I'm walking better. You'redefinitely walking better; fom sixty down to thirty eight, definitely walking better.And I don't have pain, my daughter says I don't hear you complaining anymore! So that'spretty phenomenal results, in just several weeks, I'm very proud of you, you've donegreat! We've done great! We've done great!

How Can A Proper Diet Help My Peripheral Neuropathy Jason Meyer DC Reviews Your Questions

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