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When you originally presented here to Davis, you presented with very very intense neuropathy painthe lower extremities andfeet. It created restlessness and limited your ability to sleep at night. How did yourespond to the course of management here at Davis , and how did you respond to theneuropathy protocolour office? Well first of all, I was having a lot of difficulty gettinga full night's sleep. Three to four times a week I would have to get upthe middleof the night and go sitour den until either I took a pain or do something that I couldget some relief from it. I had the burning stabbing pain and the sensation of tinglingall the timemy feet. In the six to eight

weeks that I've been undergoing treatmenthere, it has almost diminished. I think I've, actually, only had three nights that I'vehad to get up and go sitmy denthe middle of the night. Well congratulationson your results and we're very very proud to have you here as a patient. I would liketo add, however, that I'm very pleased with the staff that you have here. I've never seenfriendliness like this. Well we aim to please here and that's our goal. Good. And we'rehappy to have you here as a patient.

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Mrs. Harrison when you originally presentedto the office you presented with intense painthe lower extremities and feet due to neuropathy.We managed you here at the Davis with the Davis neuropathy program. What was yourexperiences herethe , and how are you feeling today? Well I started having neuropathypain about seven years ago. Two years ago it was really bad. I had never had a diagnosisand I readthe Daily Times, the villages paper, there was a flierthere. It saidif you have these symptoms check them. I had all these symptoms and I thought, quot;I've gotto try itquot; I couldn't stand the pain anymore, I wasn't sleeping at night, I took hot bathsat night I was up at 3 or 4the morning

I was thinking quot;My rest?quot; First week of mytreatment, I started sleeping at night, the pain started to subside, I'm 80% better. Mylegs don't hurt anymore. I still have a little bitthe toes, but nothing that isn't bearable.I feel so much better. The staff is so nice to you, they're respectful, they're professional,we have fun, and it's just a wonderful experience. I feel so much better, I can't believe howmuch better I feel. Well congratulations on your results and we're absolutely delightedto have you here as a patient. Thank you.

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