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Treating Neuropathy and Nerve Pain in the Feet

Let me start with I'm a diabetic. I developedneuropathy, which basically you lose all sensation in the feet, but it's over a period of time.It was very painful. I would have sensations in my feet like I was standing on fire, walkingon glass. Last October it got so bad that I couldn't sleep at night. Then I met Bullard, because he's just a great physician. I wouldn't think twice, I'd recommendhim to anybody. Very compassionate, very thorough, I can't say enough about Bullard. He'sjust a great physician and I don't know if there's anything he couldn't do hecould probably move mountains if he wanted to!Glen, probably one of the biggest questions

people are asking you is what'd we do, what'shappened. Of course, you had a tremendous improvement in your pain and the tinglingand the numbness. Easiest explanation is, to tell everybody, that this big nerve here,which is on the inside part of your left foot, was getting strangled. There was a noose aroundit. What we did is we went in and loosened the noose, and that allows that nerve to beginto function and work like it's supposed to.Now, the sensation is coming back, it's something that's going to take time butI can feel more. My quality of life has greatly improved since I had the procedure done by Bullard. There's no other physician

that I would recommend.Glen, in the next couple weeks, what we're going to do is make sure that the swellingis improving, hopefully begin to transition you out of your compression socks, becauseI know it's kind of hot right now, and then look at making sure that your shoe gear andthings like that are where they're supposed to be, fitting you well, protecting your feetand stuff. Ok? Very good. Thank you, I appreciate it, havea good weekend! You do the same. Alright, see ya.

Edward RDiabetesNeuropathyPart 2

(Music) Hi, I'm Eddy, and I just turned 50. You know, I'm 77. I don't know what happened. I just feel great. Everything's working. IBS is gone. Legs are great. My last treatment, I had 15, 15 treatments, and then I went home, and I really felt, I felt really much different.

My course of life has changed. My diet's changed. I don't eat all those carbohydrates at night. Sweets, ah, once in a blue moon, but then I came back, and it's the best thing that I have ever done. I haven't felt this good in 20years, 25 years, and everything's working, and Jaudyis the greatest. I've had two and a half weeks oftreatment. When I got here, my legs were really dark and

blackened, and now they're cleared up. They're light and gone, and I have more circulation. I can feel. my feet are nice and warm now, where they were cold before. When I first started, I had 85% in this leg and 75% in this leg. That's gone. Now it's a 100%, and I can't behappier, and I had, I had bad IBS. My IBS is gone due to the brain remapping and organ remapping.

Now, I don't have it no more. It just went away. I have more agility and more speed through the treatments I've been getting, and my the diabetic neuropathy is starting to look alittle better, at least on this arm here, and then we'llprobably work on this arm next week, and overall, it is just fantastic. I love it,

and Jaudy is a miracle worker. If you need. if you have any problems, you come see him, and he will cure you. When you go to a regular , they just treat the symptoms. The problemis, they don't get to the cause. All they do is write on that prescriptionpad and you get pills, which you know, they can kill you, too, but Jaudy and his treatments, there's no pills, no surgery, nothing. You just want to.

you just have to keep at it, and be determined, and you will succeed. (Music).

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