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Peripheral Neuropathy is a commoncondition occurring when injury or disease damagesyour peripheral nervous system originating from your brain and spinalcord peripheral nerves extends to your skinmuscle and tissues or peripheral nervous system relaysvital information between your body and the brain in theform of electrical impulses there are three types of peripheralnerves motor nerves regulate the movements loveyour body skeletal muscles

sensory nerves transmit sensations such as heat vibration touch and pain to the brain comic nerves regulate the activities upinternal organs and glands each nerve is made up of manyinterconnected cells called neurons that transmit impulses at lightning speed this constantexchange allows your brain to respond to vitalinput from your body

however damage to the nerves disruptsthis critical link resulting in peripheral neuropathy damage to a single nerve called MononaRobert B usually results from injury orrepetitive stress an example %uh Monona Robert E is carpaltunnel syndrome repeated impact to the nerve in yourwrist may cause tingling pain and weakness in your hand arm and shoulder

government have multiple nerves calledPaulina Robert the is far more common damaged typically begins in the nervesfarthest from the central nervous system and progresses symmetrically Paulina Robert the can be caused bydiabetes and other systemic diseases infections or exposure to toxic substances

one or all the three nerve types may be affectedand symptoms are specific to each damage to sensory nerves characteristic have diabetes can lead to numbness inyour hands and feet with diminished ability to detecttemperature insensitivity to pain or over sensitivity to pain Paulina Robert the may also cause damageto your motor nerves

which can result in muscle weakness twitching and pain common signs %uh nerve damage include intolerance to heat loss of bladder control gastrointestinal disturbances impairment a breathing

with Peripheral Neuropathy Reviews Bellevue Chiropractor

I am Jessie JordanParker and I am excitedabout this opportunity to share with you some changes that have occurred in my life thanksto Polzin and his Pain Institute. I went from very little hope to evidence based faithand the fact that I am going to being able to be recovered totally from something thatI had been told by other s that the dying nerves and dead nerves and there isnothing that could be done about it, I was just going to be that way and it would getworse as I got older. My future was thinking about wheelchairs and kinds that would fitin my house, it had gotten to that point. And prior to coming here I have had surgery,artery bypass surgery on my right leg and

stents in the left thigh and that was whatI was dealing with. When I walked it's like I was walking in quicksand; I had to holdon, I couldn't take more than a few steps without needing a cane or a walker, or support,or my husband's strong strong arms, right, to hold onto and he was basically holdingme up. Since I have come to the Institute, I think the biggest change for me with theNeuropathy, has been going from attacks, one or two, three times a week and these attacksevolved like electric shock kinds of pain and it would be constant and I would be uptwo, three nights in a row just no sleep at all. Since coming to The Institute, I havehad no nights like that, I have had no pain

and he can tell you I can sleep for a full8 hours without waking up in the middle of the night or not going to sleep at all. It'sbeen a life changing experience. The other thing other than the pain was my ability towalk as I said I wasn't able to walk, as I say I wasn't able to do that unassistedand now I just shocked myself, walk off and go walk into the mall, walk up my drivewaywhich is on an incline without holding on, without bending down. I'm looking forwardto walking Safeco Field, which I have up until, well last summer, I was only able to get upin a wheelchair, so there was that whole process. I am just very excited as I said, going fromvery little hope when I came in here, a lot

of skepticism when I came in, from both sides,and now there is evidence based faith. I have faith in Polzin, in the Institute andthe fact that I am going to be normal again. I would say, I would second that, second thatgreatly!.

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