Peripheral Neuropathy No Pain

Periripheral neuropathy burning and cramping pain no more

Alright well we're here with one of our greatpatients Verne. How are you doing today Verne? I'm doing fine. Verne has been with us forabout six weeks now. He initially contacted us about our neuropathy treatment protocolthat Busch developed. Verne had quite a bit of different symptoms going on withyour neuropathy. Can you tell us a little bit about what you were feeling from a symptomstandpoint before you called in? I was getting pains down the back of my legs and down intomy feet. I had numbness under my feet and painsmy toes. And these pains were realsharp and shooting? Yes. Now you also had some burning pain, is that right, when yougo to sleep at night? Can you describe that

a little bit for me? It was mostlymy feetand it was kind of a burning sensationmy feet. Now how did that affect your sleep?I know we've talked a lot about how you were sleeping before you camehere, can youtell me what it was like for you to try to sleep at night? Well I really couldn't getmuch sleep, I had to get up and walk around and then I'd go back and get an hour or soof sleep and finally I would sleepmy chair, recliner. I was gonna say, do you have a reclinerthere? Yes. That's where you did most of your sleeping is that right? Yes. I know this weekwe've gotten to a big milestone here where you're getting to sleepyour bed now, whichis fantastic. Your daughter got you a nice

mattress topper for your mattress, the painis no longer keeping you awake at night, is that right? That's right, yes. The burningpain is 100% gone at this point so that's fantastic, and those sharp shooting painswere going all the way down your leg from the thigh all the way to the foot, those aregone all the way now for the last week or so and the only place you're having anythingnow is a little bitthe toe on your foot is that right? So overall, how much betterare you feeling now do you think compared to when you first came in? Oh I feel 100%better. Changes your whole life doesn't it? Yes. You're able to sleep through the nightnow and makes your whole day better when you

wake up refreshed and sleeping allows yourbody to heal itself naturally which is part of the whole process. So overall how muchbetter is your quality of life at this point compared to what it was? Oh it's a lot better,100% better. Don't feel that hopeless feeling about the neuropathy and that sort of thing.I know you and I have talked a little, but Verne did you ever feel you would get to thislevel of improvement, and what do you say to me? You didn't feel like you could didyou, you thought it was something you'd have to live with for the rest of your life. Yea.Partly because that's what you'd been told by some other s. Well hopefully soonwe'll have you off the gabapentin that they

have you taking which is a common thing forit. Living life every day and doing the things you want to do. Well thank you for your time,we love having you here as a patient, and we look forward to seeing youthe future.Well thank you. You're welcome.

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