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Hello and thank you for watching our tutorial.Have you been told that nothing can be done and that you are just going to have to livewith it regarding your Neuropathyyour feet? If you have been told that all of yourtests and ugs that you have been placed on won't be able to improve your condition,you are one of many people. Take heart though There are natural solutions to help your neuropathyin your feet that's effecting you. It's very important to adess the deeper cause of what's goingon, which are sick arterial walls. Did you know that by using a natural vasodilator andsome simple natural plant based all natural ingredients that you can start a process that can notonly stop the neuropathy from progressing

it even has a chance to reverse it just alittle bit so you can get back to your life again and stop progressing down this roadthat neuropathy takes so many people down. I am glad that you have the inclination, idea,and thought to seek out natural means for help with your diabetic neuropathy. Naturalis always the way to go. Thanks for watching.

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Currie: Today is October 2nd, 2013, hereat Arkansas Spinal Care and Neuropathy Treatment Center. This is Leonard. This is his lastday of care here, and Leonard, what would you say to someone who told you that therewas no cure for neuropathy, or that you couldn't be helped for neuropathy? Leonard: I would tell them they need to lookup CurrieConway. Currie: Tell me how bad your numbnesswas before you came here and how it is now. Leonard: Well, I was at the point where Icouldn't even walk. My legs wouldn't move and my arms were numb. I came here and eightweeks later I'm back to normal.

Currie: Awesome, man, awesome. Did thatmeet your expectations? What did you really expect when you came here? Leonard: I learned a lot from your televisionshow, because I wasn't hurting, I wasn'tpain; it was just numbness. It just kept gettingworse. I kept falling, and I'd just roll and get back up. I mean, the morning before Icame up here I fell off my back porch. It was that bad, not feeling where you're stepping,and I wasn'tpain; I was numb and you convinced me that that was like pain, that the numbnessis.I lost it. Currie: It's all right, man. It's okay.It's not a problem. We can just keep on going.

Don't sweat it. You want me to stop the camerafor a minute? Leonard: No, I need you to. Currie: Kind of help you out a littlebit? Leonard: Yeah. Currie: Not a problem. I can cut and pastethis; it's not a problem. We'll just keep rolling. So, you fell off your back porchthe morning before you came here because the numbness was so bad, and so I guess that waskind of like the low point of it all to make you decide that something had to be done.What were you thinking when you camehere

as a new patient? Leonard: Well, you explained it well on yourshowthe interview I saw of it. It was neat and it was no handson. You've heardhorror stories of chiropractors popping you and aligning you, and you just had a new waveof technology that is just amazing the precise procedure of the 9,000, the oxygen, the water,the people. Currie: Yeah, you've seen other patientshere, too. That's something that I always like to ask people because yeah, it workedfor you, but there are a lot of other people here around you that were coming through.What results did you see them get for the

most part? Maybe all of them weren't gettingbetter but hopefully most of them were. What did you see? Leonard: There was a lot older people thanme that werehere and they werepain which, like I said, I wasn'tpain. I wasjust numb, but they seemed to have no pain once they left. Currie: All right. That's huge, man. That'shuge. I really appreciate your testimony. I think a lot of people are going to see it,and people don't have to be 60, 70, 80 years old to have this kind of problem; youngerpeople can have it, too, and I think that

it's hard. Leonard: You make chiropractic inaudible00:03:52. I mean old style is old style, but I wenthigh school 38 years ago Iwent to a chiropractor and didn't get the results I got today.I mean, after eightweeks. Currie: Man, I appreciate it. Well, youdid great here and it's been fun having you as a patient and I appreciate you.

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