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When you initially presented to the office,you presented with numbness, tingling, and irritation in the lower extremities and feet.We've managed this condition with our peripheral neuropathy program. How have you done withthe management and how are you doing today? Oh I'm feeling fine, I'm feeling great. WhenI came in here I thought I'd have to live with pain the rest of my life and it's great,really great. Well we're very very proud to have you here as a patient and congratulationson your results. Thank you , thank you a lot.

Long Term Disability Insurance Claims Protections Stripped Away by ERISA

Long Term Disability Insurance Claims: What Protections are not offered on ERISA based plans? Hi, I'm Marc Whitehead a Board Certified Disability Attorney and Author of the Disability Help Book Disability Insurance Policies: How to Unravel the Mystery and Prove your Claim Supposedly ERISA was enacted in 1974 to protect people who get their health insurance through employer provided plans, but any one who has spent time working on these types of Long Term Disability cases knows that the reality is less about protecting you and more about keeping insurers from loosing money. I've talked about this problem here before, but today I wanted to lay out exactly what you are losing when you have a plan covered by Federal ERISA laws.

ERISA offers no State protections: You might have heard this before but do you really know what that means? Depending on the State you live in, there is a wide variety of things you can do to keep an insurer honest and fight back against illegal practices designed to keep you from getting the benefits that you deserve. These may include suing for Emotional Distress Consequential or Special DamagesPrejudgment interest for Breech of Contract Interference with a ContractDeceptive Trade Practices or Unfair Practices Act Bad FaithPunitive Damages But under ERISA you are not eligible for these types of damages.

You wont even be able to go to a State Court, instead you will be sent to a Federal Court room and the best outcome you can hope to receive is that the judge will make your insurer honor the policy by providing you the benefits you should have gotten in the first place and hopefully pay your Attorneys fees. Doesn't sound fair does it? Unfortunately it is the law we have to live under until enough people push for change in Long Term Disability and Insurance in general. The affordable care act doesn't do enough if you wanna make ERISA work for you, contact you Congress man and fight to make things better.

For more information about this topic check out my free eBook Disability Insurance Policies: How to Unravel the Mystery and Prove your Claim Visit disabilitydenials for a free downloadable copy. Or call 18005629830 to discuss your particular disability issue I'm Marc Whitehead, thanks for watching.

Long Term Disability Insurance Denial Lawyers Sokolove Law

Disabilities that prevent you frompracticing a profession are devastating emotionally and financially. If you or someone you know has beenwrongfully denied longterm disability insurance benefits, call Sokolove Law today for a free legalconsultation. Sokolove Law works with professionals tohelp recover benefits that may be rightfully owed. Being denied by your insurance companydoesn't mean you should give up on your

claim. We may be able to help.

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