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All right, so here we are at Arkansas SpinalCare. It is May 1st of 2013 and sir, what is your name? Ray Bennet. Ray. And where areyou from? Benton, Arkansas. Benton, all right. Well, you are finishing up with your carehere, at Arkansas Spinal Care, getting pretty close to the end. That's correct. Before youcame here, how long had you had your severe pain in your back and legs? 24 years. 24 years,all right. That's a long time to hurt. How much of your quality of life did that 24 yearssteal from you? Well, I was only 33 when I hurt my back and I'm 57 now so, my wife was2 months pregnant whenever I was hurt. My daughters never known me not to hurt. Wow,man. Wow. That's huge! I am sorry, I didn't

mean to make you emotional there, but I meanthis is a big deal. It's a big deal and we wouldn't be doing this if you weren't doinga lot better, so that's the beautiful part about this story. And we will get more ofthat here in a minute. Before you came here, what are some of the things that you havetried over that 24 years, to try to get relief from your pain? Well, with the s, Ihave tried everything that they told me to do. I did epidural's, prednisone, cortisoneshots. I went through basically years of physical therapy and finally realized physical therapywasn't helping. And it's basically, just live your life and live with the pain. And we bothknow you've had a couple of back surgery's

that didn't work and then in conjunction withthat you also had an episode where you were getting steroid injections. I tell peopleall the time how dangerous those things are but you have a first hand account of trulysome of the risks and side effects can go with something that is suppose to be a simpleprocedure. Will you share that with us? Yeah, I was getting epidurals for probably, I wasprobably7 or 8 months in, getting them every month. And I had had a syringe of air injectedinto my spinal fluid and they went in and let me leave the that day, tellingme well, you're going to have a headache. Well, I had had epidurals before and knowthat you're going to have a headache if you

get up after you have one. And so by the timeI got home, I had an ambulance waiting for me to take me to another and theytook me to a and I tried to explain to them that I had an epidural that day, apain block shot they called them, they had injected air into my spinal fluid and it haddone what they call a blood patch on me. Which I don't know what a blood patch is, but that'swhat they informed them. And that couldn't help me. So then I was taken to thebaptist , where they ran a CT scan on me and said you have a air on your brain.And so they hung me where my head would be down, basically upside down and started puttingIV fluid in me and it took 8 days to get the

air off of my brain and that was the end ofthe epidurals. That sounded like a lot of fun (being sarcastic). (*slight laughing*)What are some of the other things? Tell me about the back surgery's. You thought whenyou were going into have back surgery, I mean I meet people all the time in here who havehad failed surgery's, we treat them all the time. What were your experiences with thesurgery and then the recovery process, tell me what you went through with that. Well,basically the first time I had surgery was, I really didn't go in the for surgery,because at the time I'd had an MRI done and in the MRI they didn't detect anything onthe MRI, so I went in there for a Monogram

and they did the Monogram, and the said you have a herniated disk and we are going to do surgery in the morning. And Ireally didn't like the pressure he was putting me under because I wanted time to kind of,take it all in, but he said well you're either going to, his exact words are, and I am quotinghim, quot;I'll either cut you now or I'll cut you later. You might as well go ahead anddo it and get it over with.quot; So, the next morning, they wheeled me into surgery andI had surgery. So, he told me, he said quot;You go home and you lay up and I'll see ya in6 weeks.quot; So, I go home and I'm laying and then in my bed that we put in theliving room by the front door so if someone

Bellevue Chiropractor Discusses Treatment Options Available in His

Experiencing ongoing chronic pain can be debilitatingand that's why the providers at Bellevue Health and Wellness located in downtown Bellevuehave made it their mission to get people pain free and keep them that way. Founded by Kevin Polzin, Bellevue Health and Wellness specializes in being extremely successfulat specific services. Fixing lower back and neck pain caused by bulging or herniated discwith unique spinal decompression, vibration and laser protocols. Providing permanent reliefto those suffering the pain of the nerve damage associated with peripheral neuropathy, withamazing regeneration techniques and nerve healing lasers. And treating the number onekiller in our society obesity, with a proprietary

and massively successful accountable permanentweight loss program. Through the middle of my preMed program, my father took a reallyserious fall through a ceiling and landed on concrete. He had some really serious neurologicalproblems that stumped everyone and finally the last resort was exploratory neck and brainsurgery. So finally, kind of against our better judgement, we went and saw a chiropractor.So we went, and of course the chiropractor cured it all that so impacted me and myfamily that I became a chiropractor, I completely just went right from the University of Albertato Palmer University of Chiropractic. My younger brother is a chiropractor, my first cousinis a chiropractor; it kind of just went through

the family because of the power that you havein helping people restore health through the nervous system. Patients of Bellevue Healthand Wellness are seeing their health restored with results they never expected. This isthe only place in all of the years that I've been looking for somebody to help me thathe took an interest to help me and he has. This place will bring out things that youdidn't know you were dealing with, sooner than you know it, they're going to go away.Now they're fixed, now you're fixed, now you're ready to take on another goal. With a personalapproach to health, Bellevue Health and Wellness offers a comfortable environment where patientsfeel welcomed and relaxed the moment they

walk in. What's really important is that youtrust who you're with and that they are experts and not just positioning themselves like anexpert. So when they come to Bellevue Health and Wellness, I've always wanted them to feelvery comfortable and have an inviting experience that's professional but nonal. I thinkthat people would appreciate that whole holistic approach to wellness, not just the chiropracticpiece but, you know, the wellness, the nutrition, the posture, you know, the ergonomic pieceof it. Bellevue Health and Wellness has an on site nutritionist with a belief that thewhole body should work together to achieve optimal function and health. You can changeyour relationship with food, change the way

you feel about eating, you know, food is nolonger a crutch, it is no longer the reason, you know, you go out with people. Food isnot the idealism, food is substance and nourishment and energy balance, but it's not, you know,your substitute for love. Healthy people recover from back and neck pain, tingling or burningin their feet or legs, weight issues and chronic pain. Bellevue Health and Wellness is establishingitself as the go to for total body health. I live for helping people; I am born to educateand serve people and help them with their pains and just show them a way of being ableto have life and express it more abundantly.

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