Peripheral Neuropathy Caused By Autoimmune Disease

Treating Neuropathy and Nerve Painthe Feet

Let me start with I'm a diabetic. I developedneuropathy, which basically you lose all sensationthe feet, but it's over a period of time.It was very painful. I would have sensationsmy feet like I was standing on fire, walkingon glass. Last October it got so bad that I couldn't sleep at night. Then I met Bullard, because he's just a great physician. I wouldn't think twice, I'd recommendhim to anybody. Very compassionate, very thorough, I can't say enough about Bullard. He'sjust a great physician and I don't know if there's anything he couldn't do hecould probably move mountains if he wanted to!Glen, probably one of the biggest questions

people are asking you is what'd we do, what'shappened. Of course, you had a tremendous improvementyour pain and the tinglingand the numbness. Easiest explanation is, to tell everybody, that this big nerve here,which is on the inside part of your left foot, was getting strangled. There was a noose aroundit. What we did is we wentand loosened the noose, and that allows that nerve to beginto function and work like it's supposed to.Now, the sensation is coming back, it's something that's going to take time butI can feel more. My quality of life has greatly improved since I had the procedure done by Bullard. There's no other physician

that I would recommend.Glen,the next couple weeks, what we're going to do is make sure that the swellingis improving, hopefully begin to transition you out of your compression socks, becauseI know it's kind of hot right now, and then look at making sure that your shoe gear andthings like that are where they're supposed to be, fitting you well, protecting your feetand stuff. Ok? Very good. Thank you, I appreciate it, havea good weekend! You do the same. Alright, see ya.

Whats the deal with Hashimotos Disease 6 common root causes

Well, Hello you lovely human person! I am the ThyroidQueen. Well, No. Not really. But you can call me V. In today's episode, we will cover what Hashimoto' is, where it comes from, what it does, and the 6 most common root causes. Hashimoto's disease is a very individual disease. If you have it, consider yourself a snowflake.

Yes, a snowflake. You may have a lot of things, or just a few thingscommon with other Hashimoto's patients, but you're unique and not completely like someone else with this illness. What works for you may not work for somebody else, and the other way around. Some things are gonna be black and white and some things are gonna be a complied puzzle. This is me.

When I was dying my hair. Happy little thing. Yes, little. I'm 5'2. When I'm ME 100%, I think I'm a sweetheart. My other half thinks I'm a total goofball And my mum thinks I'm a boss. Thanks, mom!

Hashimoto's disease is a part of me, and it affects usdifferent ways. This is how I imagine my Hashimoto's disease to look like. LIKE A BRAINFOG ZOMBIE! When this thing took over, I was a sad, angry, anxious, slow, confused and tired person. Ughh. It can affect youso many ways. But its main focus is your thyroid.

Omnomnomnomnom Before the attack, my thyroid looked something like this. Now it looks something like this. There are things you can do to stop Hashimoto's from attacking it, and make it less aggressive. How long this will take depends and variates from person to person. But it can be done. Hashimoto's disease can be put into remission. Like a deep everlasting sleep.

This an autoimmune disease. It means your own immune system cannot tell the difference between your own healthy tissue, and foreign invaders. In this case, it attacks your thyroid. Alessio Fasano describes autoimmunity as a 3 legged throne that needs 3 things to be present to manifestyour body. 1. The right genes. 2. A trigger or multiple triggers. Intestinal permeability. AKA a leaky gut.

Are Candida And Multiple Sclerosis Linked

Greetings. New Zealand naturopath, Eric Bakker,author of Candida Crusher and formulator of the Canxida range of dietary supplements.The question I get asked every now and then is quot;Eric is there a link between multiplesclerosis and Candida? Is it linked?quot; And this is a question posed to me by Mr. MachalaRatko from New York City. Machala, your question is quot;Is MS linked with Candida?quot;MS is an autoimmune disease. And it's interesting; I have a lot of MS patients hereNew Zealand.It seems to be the colder parts of the world, the colder latitudes down under hereNewZealand and at the top, Scotland and certain parts of Canada, but Scotland,particular,has high incidents of MS. The jury is really

out on the cause of multiple sclerosis.But what we do know is it's an autoimmune disease that involves the body attacking themyelin sheath. Parts of the nervous,fact, the insulation coating of the nervous systemstarts cracking up and gets attacked by the immune response. And this can create shortcircuiting.Commonly I seeMS patients, they'll get burningthe feet or what we call peripheralneuropathy kind of symptoms. They can get visual disturbances and dizziness. Many differentthings can happen when you get a short circuit of the nervous system.There are different kinds of MS. We have got the relapsing remitting kind. We've got asteadily progressing kind. I've written many

articles on MS over the years. It's a conditionthat I know well, and I follow a few protocols by a few different people. Roy Swank,in fact, wrote a very good book on it. And Joyce Jelinek wrote a very good book onovercoming MS. It's a book I recommend all MS patients read. You can see my two MS articlesat EricBakker . They're very popular articles. Is there a link? There are two independentstudies. One done2010a university Maid, Spain and another onedone2012Switzerland. Both of these are separate studies and they found the linkbetween multiple sclerosis and Candida. In fact, Candida is linked with many differentkinds of autoimmune diseases. Psoriasis is

an autoimmune disease. It's estimated thatup to 90 percent of psoriasis patients have got a yeast infection.In my professional experience, most all rheumatoid arthritis patients, ulcerative colitis patients,Hashimoto's thyroiditis patients, Graves' disease patients, many of these autoimmunepresentations have got a yeast infection and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. Couldthis be the cause? The jury is out. But what we do know is when we clean up the digestivesystem and eradie Candidaa lot of these patients, they improve to a remarkable degree.In my opinion, there is a link between autoimmune diseasesgeneral and Candida, but we can'tsay that Candida causes autoimmune disease.

We can say there is an association or a relationshipthere between them. That is some information that I want you to bearmind, Mr. Ratkofrom New York City. There is a link between them. If you have got an autoimmune disease,you would be well advised to do some comprehensive stool testing. Get your gutorder and thenwatch what happens to the autoimmune disease. It should give you quite a good result.I hope that answers your question. Thank you.

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