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When you had originally presented to the office,you presented with chronic numbness, tingling, burning, in the hands and the feet. It limitedyour ability to walk, limited your ability to sleep, your ability to relax. We've completeda course of treatment here with the Davis neuropathy program, how have you done withthe treatment and how are you feeling today? I feel wonderful. I have to tell you thatthe treatment, I was on both programs. Before I came in, all that I knew that I had wasperipheral neuropathy after your exam, after you examined me. We found out that I had alsospinal stenosis in my spine. I have followed your program, both of your programs, the DRSprogram and the peripheral neuropathy program,

and I am doing beautifully. I can now walkwithout assistance which I was having to hold my husband's hand or somebody's hand whenI was shopping or doing anything. I could not drive by myself. I feel like a whole personnow. Well congratulations on your results and we're very proud to have you here as apatient. What else would you like to have me tell you? If you have another questionI could certainly, I would like to tell a little bit about your people that you haveworking for you. They are wonderful, young, professional people. I don't know what kindof a program you put them on, but I love each and every one of them. They're an asset toyour office. Well thank you so much for the

kind words and we look forward to seeing youagain soon. You're welcome.

Side Effects of Chemo for Colon Cancer

When I talk with my patients about chemotherapy,naturally a part of the conversation is side effect management. So let's talk about itright now. Generally, depending on stage, the optimalchemotherapy or systemic therapy for colon cancer is based on a backbone of more traditionalcytotoxic drugs often referred to by patients as chemo and more modern biologic drugs thatwe have used over the past few years which are not traditional chemotherapy drugs buthave very specific side effects. So when I discuss chemotherapy side effects with mypatients, they are the general side effects that everybody should be aware of such asfatigue, generalized weakness, lack of energy,

nausea and vomiting, but it is important torealize in 2013, we have very, very good medication to control most of the side effects so althoughwe do mention them, it is more for the patient to be aware that these kind of occur, so thepatient can bring those up so we can manage them. Nausea, fatigue, mouth sores, changein bowel habits, could be diarrhea or constipation and you know infectious risk, bleeding riskbecause of effects on the bone marrow, white blood cell count will drop, platelet countwill drop, the occasional patient might need red blood cell transfusion. Hair loss willdepend on what chemotherapy agent is used, so it is actually not very common in mostfrontline regimens for colon cancer patients,

but down the road it will happen. It is importantto know the hair will grow back after that chemotherapy is completed. More rare sideeffects such as dysfunction of the heart, these are also temporarily, but we will talkabout those with the patient. The biologic drugs that we have are geared toward the bloodvessels to attack the blood vessels of the tumor and its supply. The approved drug iscalled bevacizumab obviously because how it works it affects blood cells. It does interferewith wound healing, so we don't use it six weeks before or after surgeries and thereis a small but real risk of serious complications such as bowel perforation where you get ahole in your bowel or major bleeding events,

but those are really rare and we try to selectthe right patient for the treatment. Another class of drugs that affects specific proteincalled EGFR on the tumor cells is called cetuximab or panitumumab. These are very difficult namesbut important to know that they have antitumor effect. They have very characteristic sideeffects such as a rash which might be very mild to actually very, very advanced, wherethe patient has to be treated with antibiotics and lotions. The good news for the patientis I always tell them it has been shown if you do develop a rash, then you are more likelyto respond to the therapy. Other side effects such as diarrhea and magnesium level changes,we are usually able to monitor and manage

pretty well. So it is important for the patientto be aware of these side effects so the patient and the can discuss them and almostall of them are treatable if we do it early on before it gets out of hand. For an interactive tool to learn more aboutyour colon cancer and your personalized treatment options go to MyColonCancerCoach .

Staying Healthy During Chemotherapy for Colon Cancer

Chemotherapy is an intense and quite oftenprolonged treatment. So, let's talk about some of thethings that patients can do to stay healthy during that period of time. Some of the things that I recommend to mypatients during the chemotherapy are to try to eat healthy, to maintain theirweight, not to lose weight during chemotherapy that is one of the things thatpatients are sometimes misguided because you do need adequate caloric intaketo get through the chemotherapy treatments and to fight the disease. I usuallyrecommend for my patients to

change the diet a little bit to eat more ofa Mediterranean diet which is rich in oils, nuts, fish, you know, poultry and stay awayfrom regular red meat and potato diet if they can and other important thingis to quit smoking if they are smokers because that will help them get through chemotherapymuch much easier and there are studies that support that too andI also encourage them to exercise. I also encourage them to stay physically active.They may not feel up for it, but I think they should be able to schedule someof the exercise time even when they are receiving chemotherapy and as I saidmany of them can maintain very

good performance status during chemotherapyand continue to do their work and maintain good lifestyle. For an interactive tool to learn more aboutyour colon cancer and your personalized treatment options, go to MyColonCancerCoach .

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