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gt;gt; Eva Feldman: So when I completedcollege I had the dilemma whether I wanted to go straight into medical school or whetherI also wanted to do research because when I wascollege, I got very excited about thebrain and had, again a professor who told me that he felt thatthe next centuryall the major advancesmedicine anesearch we're going to bethenervous system particularlythe brain. So when I finished college, I decidedoh maybe I'll get a PhD and a M.D. And so I started my graduatestudies first and I begana neuroscience program atthe University of Michigan.

Felllove with the brain completely and whenI started medical school there was no doubt from the very first day inmedical school, I said I was going to be a neurologist and I loved every day of it. One of my passions as a neurologistis also to be a neuroscientist. So I'm very privileged to have a fairlylarge laboratory that I workwith about 30 young people who do research with me. And we've become very interested overthe last 5 yearsusing stem cellsregenerative medicine particularly inneurodegenerative diseasesneurology.

Lou Gehrig's disease is onepassion that we have. We're also interestedAlzheimer's disease,Parkinson's disease, and Huntington's disease. So from our basic findingsthe laboratory ofhow stem cells can promote nerve regeneration and protect nerve cells from dying, we'veactually begun a al trial using stem cellspatients with Lou Gehrig's disease. So it's very exciting because what I domybasic science laboratory I can then transition over to my al practice and ALS or LouGehrig's disease is one of the disorders that I am familiar with and I take care ofhuneds of patients with that disorder.

And so I'm able to serve as a bridgefrom the basic science to the . I can go to the and tell my patients whatI've learnedmy basic science laboratory. I can go back and tell my basicscientists what my patients have taught us and they teach us so much. And so stem cells is one of the majoravenues I see translatingthe near future from my laboratory to a realal and therapeutic, I hope, option for patients with Lou Gehrig's disease.

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