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When you originally presented to the office,you presented with a post lumbar surgery neuropathy, weakness, numbness, tingling, loss of sensationin lower legs and feet. We manage you here at Davis with our neuropathy program.What's been your response to the program hereour office, and how are you doing and whatwere your experiences before coming to the office with your condition? I was sufferinggreatly with back pain, I was very unsteady on my feet, I could not walk without a walkereven just a few steps, I needed the walker. The pain was just very severe. I was treated,but the only treatment I could receive down here was pain pills and I didn't like takingthe pain mediion because that made me sleepy

all the time. I went to the pain andthey tried some different things too. Some patches and things and I didn't like thateither because it didn't help me. I read about the Davis and I was a little hesitantbecause of it saying chiropractic. I didn't want anybody pushing or pulling or anythingon my back. I met a woman at the pool and she told me her husband had a positive experience.He had beenpain for four years, came to the Davis and was pain free after histreatment. So I decided, Ok, I'm going to go there. So I went. I love coming here. Thepeople are wonderful for one thing. Everyone is very pleasant and upbeat. The treatmentswere pleasant, I just get to sita lovely

chair and have my leg treatments and havemy feet shook up on the vibrator and get zappedthe back by my s. It was wonderful.The thing was when I first started them I was hopeful, but I thought, quot;Well hmm I don'tknow I hope this is going to work.quot; I really wanted it to work because I had tried so manyother things. It did. It worked wonderfully. Now I've been through the first twenty fourappointments, finished with that, and I have improved 80%. My balance is much better Idon't have to clutch the safety barthe shower as much as I did before. I can standin the showerorder to take a shower, I don't have to sit where I did before. I canwalk, still not a long time but that's probably

as much to my C.O.P.D as to my back. So I'mvery very pleased with everything here. I would recommend it highly to anyone. Thankyou. Well congratulations on your result we're absolutely delighted to have you here as apatient. Thank you very much Davis, I love this place!.

Keith Currie from Arkansas Spinal Care and Neuropathy Treatment Center

Hi. This is Keith Currie from ArkansasSpinal Care and Neuropathy Treatment CenterConway, Arkansas. Welcome to my YouTubechannel. Here we areJune of 2014 and I wanted to create a YouTube channel for a longtime, sharing patient testimonials from previous patients of mine, also current patients whohad their last change by going through my program. Over the last eight years, I've collectedmany testimonials not just one or two and so I'm trying to get these all uploaded, sothat you can watch them and see these people who were told, basically that they had nohope and thought they had no hope, and then

they came through my program and it completelychanged everything for them. I treat a lot of patients who have had failedneck or back surgery. I also treat people who don't want to have back surgery. Theyjust don't want to risk it. They don't want to avoid or have the possible side effectsof general anesthesia, or scar tissue, or nerve damage, paralysis, you know, bad thingscan happen with surgery eventoday's times. Most people recognize that and they do everythingthat they can to try to avoid it. Also with that, I ew up my own neuropathy treatmentprotocols and they have very high success rates with people who have a lot of differentkinds of neuropathy. If you're suffering from

burning or tingling or numbnessyour feetor hands, or a sharp pin prickly things sensations, or you can't stand the feel, touch of a sheet,or cover on your skin, or the touch of the clothes even, or if it feels like you're walkingon hot coals or thick leather. Maybe you're losing your balance. A lot of my patientscomeand they don't have very good balance at all. It's because the oxygen supplies ofthose nerves has been interrupted, the nerves are inflamed, they're not healthy, they'rebecoming damaged. My program is designed to create and workwith functioning of the nerves and creating better nerve health. And so, I hope you enjoywatching these testimonials. They're very

special to me. They are special stories, thesewere real patients of mine. I do not pay for these testimonials. These people wanted toshare their stories with you and others, who had been told that they had no hope and thatneeded help. And so they want you to know that this is the place to come, if you wantto try something amatically different than you've tried before. If you're frustratedand you do not have results with anything that you done, failure after failure, well,maybe it's time that you come to Conway, Arkansas, to get caremy office. I treat patients from all over United States.People come from very far away, to go through

my programs but it's because they're provento be valid and work for the vast majority of people that do them. Once again, I hopeyou enjoy this and I hope to see you down the road. The technologies that I usemy treatmentprogram are FDA cleared and noninvasive, which is why so many people choose this routeversus going and having surgery or other invasive types of procedures.

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