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Currie: All righty. Today is May 22, 2013,and ma'am, what is your name? Terri: I'm Terri Blisure SP. Currie: Terri. All right, Terri. Whereyou from? Terri: I'm from hereConway. Currie: All right. Now, from the standpointof coming here and getting care. You started care how many days ago? Terri: Two days ago. Currie: Two days ago, how bad was yourpain?

Terri: I could not sit still. I was crying.I was hurting really bad. I wasa really bad way. When I did my first session, I criedthrough it. It was just hurting really bad. But the came out and spoke with me.He told me just have a good attitude, and just deal with it. So I did. By now. Currie: I didn't say deal with it. Don'tmake me sound like that. Terri: inaudible 00:00:52 Man up. Currie: Tough it out. Terri: Tough it out. All right.

Currie: That's so funny. Terri: I'm just like inaudible 00:00:59. Currie: No, I know. I know. I love it.I love it. I'm gonna leave that on there. Well, let's start over here. Terri: Okay, let's start over. Currie: Start over. Terri: Start over. inaudible 00:01:08.

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