Peripheral Nerve Vasculitis Symptoms

Peripheral Neuropathy Pain Symptoms Relieved Davis

We've been managing you here for peripheralneuropathy in lower legs and feet. When you first presented to the office you indicatedthat the pain was very bad, very numb, very tingling. How are you doing today, and howare you responding to the neuropathy program here in our office? Oh gosh, it's much better.I feel that I can walk, before I couldn't get out of bed in the morning I had to holdon to something and I just get up and walk, I can still the numbness on the bottom ofmy foot, but and then walking in this door I don't get as tired as I did before. I usuallyhave to go home and change shoes. I get home and I can keep the shoes on for quite a while.I haven't yet started walking on the street,

but I will. So far so good right? Yea, whata difference. Well congratulations on your results thus far I'm very happy with yourprogress. Thank you.

What is Central Nervous System CNS Vasculitis

One of my areas of interest is CNS or centralnervous system vasculitis. So this is a poorly understood disease andwhat it does is it causes inflammation of the blood vessels of the brain. And what's particularly scary about this diseaseis that it often goes undiagnosed. It can take an average of six to eight weeksbefore anyone even considers the diagnosis. And usually by then a young person has hadmultiple strokes. So if there are some early markers or a waythat we can get to that diagnosis sooner, that's what I'm looking into and that's whatI would also love to see in my lifetime.

Vasculitis An Overview

FEMA this is Eric Strong from StanfordUniversity and today are we talking about vasculitits.After watching this tutorial you should be able to define vasculitis.Describe typical features suggesting vasculitis describe the modern classificationsystem of vasculitis and most importantly identify a probablevasculitis. in a patient with atypical presentation0

this tutorial will not review the specificcriteria the individual forms a vasculitis that'sbecause this will take an hour to do would be incredibly boring and itsunnecessary since the criteria is easy to look up when needed. Instead I'll be focusing on vasculitis as the general category a disease particularly how to recognize a patientwho probably has vasculitis since the varied multisystempresentation can be easy to confuse with other diseases

So first what is vasculitis? Vasculitis is that they burstcategory of inflammatory diseases of the blood vessels these diseases range in severity fromselflimited dermatological additions to acute andrapidly paid almost a system diseases All forms of vasculitis are characterized by endothelial damageinto more proliferation thrombosis and eventual vascularocclusion

last letters can affect every organsystem typically in back in as both patternsbased on the size of the affected vessels and the underlying pathologic mechanismsall so what do those recognizable patternslook like the first two layer a patternrecognition has to do with the size of the involved bustles and the knowledge that basket latesttends to affect by

organ systems the most which other skingastrointestinal system can these no system and the muscles it can also affect the lungs which I'veleft of here because it's not common other when it does happen itsinvolvement is usually very prominent when a patient has a basket like this affecting the small blood vessels hereshe can get a skin condition called palpable purpura which show apicture up in a minute GI involvement leads to me go siders

and minor GI bleeding the GLA merry Lai the kidneys are affected which mostcommonly manifest as he maturity a without red blood cell casts andproteinuria patients can get a pollyanna Robert Pand the muscle involvement result in my algiers which is a fancyword for muscle pain a medium vessel vasculitis a result into skin conditions calledearthy Manado some and livid over to kill aris patients getabdominal pain

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