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Peripheral Neuropathy Pain Symptoms Relieved Davis

We've been managing you here for peripheralneuropathy in lower legs and feet. When you first presented to the office you indicatedthat the pain was very bad, very numb, very tingling. How are you doing today, and howare you responding to the neuropathy program here in our office? Oh gosh, it's much better.I feel that I can walk, before I couldn't get out of bed in the morning I had to holdon to something and I just get up and walk, I can still the numbness on the bottom ofmy foot, but and then walking in this door I don't get as tired as I did before. I usuallyhave to go home and change shoes. I get home and I can keep the shoes on for quite a while.I haven't yet started walking on the street,

but I will. So far so good right? Yea, whata difference. Well congratulations on your results thus far I'm very happy with yourprogress. Thank you.

Seeing Pain New approach to diagnosing and treating nerve damage Chris McCurdy TEDxUM

When I was a young childI lost my favorite uncle to alcohol abuse. It made me wonder why does this happen? How can someone be consumed by a substance that's around us all the time? So, I made it my life's missionto become a drug expert, and I went to pharmacy school. I went to pharmacy schoolto understand what it is about drugs

that can make us heal or can hurt us. When I was in pharmacy school, I found out I fell in lovewith the research. Not only did I fall in lovewith the research I fell in love with this passionto educate others. And so, knowing that,I had to move forward. I had to move forward with my education so that I could carry those thingsout of my future;

and I went on and earned a atein medicinal chemistry; that's drug design not designer drugs. (Laughter) That enabled me to move forward and really pursue some of the basisof drug abuse and addiction. Here I am now, a professorof medicinal chemistry and pharmacology. And I've dedicated my careerto solving problems in drug abuse and actually findingbetter pain medications

because after all, painis the most common reason that individuals seek medical care. It's also the most common reason that we end upwith drug abuse and addiction. Moving from there, I've been ableto establish a laboratory here, at the University of Mississippi, where we've done a lotof groundbreaking work that I'll get to in a little bit to move us forward in those endeavors.

Now, how many people here have had to seek medical treatment that resulted in pain prescription? Yes, most all of us. How many of you ended up getting something like morphine, or codeine,or Hydrocodone, or Oxycontin? Yeah. Any of you had to take that for more than 2 or 3 weeks,maybe a month, maybe a couple?

If so, there's a high likelihoodyour body became physically dependent. So why does that mean? What do we mean when we talkabout physical dependence and drug abuse? Let's define these thingsa little more clearly. So drug abuse is simply the concept that you take a drug out of the contextthat it was prescribed. So, every now and then,all of us are guilty of taking a little more ibuprofen,or something, than it says on the bottle.

Nerve Injury After Shoulder SurgeryWhy We Declined The Case

We were recently contacted by an individualwho Had gotten into an auto collision and afterthe Collision had shoulder surgery after the Surgery this particular person was complaining About nerve pain and nerve injury shootingdown The arm and into the hand and the questionwas Did the s do something in the surgery That constituted medical malpractice whichis

What caused the nerve damage or the nervepain in this particular individual's arm helloI'm Marcus Boston and I am a medical malpractice Attorney practicing law here in the stateof Maryland and I would like to talk with youtoday About why not every bad result during a surgeryis Medical malpractice here in Maryland in the Incident that I am talking to you about whatwe

Had to do is we got the records and we hadan Medical expert take a look at the records And during the records if was discovered during The surgical notes and some of the other notes In the records that the s who performed The surgery followed the standard of carethere Was no type of deviation from the standardin this Particular individual's situation and as aresult

Of that we had to conclude during our investigation And looking at some more other things thatthis Case would not be succesful if you are watching This tutorial and you are wondering you're saying I had a bad result is this medical malpractice The truth of the matter is that unless your DOctor fell below the standard of care inyour Situation and by falling below the standardof

Care this is what caused your injury you will Not be successful unless you can show that So why have I taken the time to explain thisto You today? Becuase you are probably wonderingthe Same things in this tutorial you've had a badresult During a surgery or some type of medical procedure Did the mess up did the fallbelow The standard of care? This is what I inviteyou

To do pick up the phone and give us a callwe can Be reached at 3018504832 or you can go ahead And send us an email to medicalinjury@bostonlawllc We answer questions like yours regarding Maryland medical malpractice cases all the time andwe would Be glad to listen to your story if you are Watching this tutorial on YouTube and you likewhat You just watched go ahead an like the tutorialand

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