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Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment Success

Today we are here with Amir, he came intoour office Valentine Chiropractic originally by iving by and seeing our our previousadsthe newspaper regarding Laser and Decompression treatments. He camewith Plantar Fascitisand came to realize after being examined that he really had Peripheral Neuropathy. He wentto Kaiser, tried to put hima cast for 4 weeks and he started to lose strength inhis legs, he was also on pain pills which were making him violently sick. He was lookingfor some other modality to help him, he felt there had to be something out there that couldhelp. I happened to be iving by your building and i looked and saw that you talked aboutbeing Gluten Free and Peripheral Neuropathy,

so I called and talked to your brother Leonard Valentine and had a good conversation and felt very comfortable that you guys couldhelp me with my chronic plantar fascitis. The pain I had was not justmy heels it wasthe whole bottom of my foot hurt plus my heel and Kaiser was telling me it could come fromyour back so they did back xrays, nothing showed up on my back xrays, so then theysaid it was my weight. It turns out it wasn't my weight it turns out I had another ailment,that needed to be treated and healed, so now since starting treatment which has been about2 weeks and the whole bottom of my foot and my heel that I'm not feeling any pain in.So this is the first time2 years that

you have gone 2 weeks without any pain atall? Correctthat's is phenomenal and being off pain pills for a month, that has beenthe first time2 years. What would you say to those people all around the world whosuffer with plantar fascitis or peripheral neuropathy? We work with people all arounddifferent states who suffer with this very same problem, we can help those people aslong as they are willing to reach out. What would you say to the people else where sufferingwith Peripheral NeuropathyI would say this program works, I haven't even beenthisprogram 7 weeks, maybe 57 weeks this has got to be the program that is going to helppeople, I have found nothing else to help

meyour program is wonderful for treatingand fixing people with Plantar Fascitis or Peripheral Neuropathy.

Can Past Life Events be Triggering Bad Karma for you Debt Self Hypnosis Past Life Regression

Rebecca marina messenger here and thistutorial is about past life and time triggers have you been going along inyour life maybe just hunkydory and everythingseems fine and all of a sudden for no apparent reason your life starts to gointo failure mode could you be suffering from pastlifetime triggers well what is a time trigger and howwould you know if you're suffering from one? A time trigger is something. an eventmay be set up by reaching a certain age or an eventtime that corresponds to apast life event

this can be caused or triggered by asmell, a touch, or an encounter with another soul who is unconsciously orconsciously urging you to heal this. it' also can be known as karmic debtthat's coming up to be reconciled. Did you know that Karma's simply meanscome back? What are some ways past life triggerscan affect you? They can affect your health, yourpocketbook or Oh boohoo even your love life! Maybe you were once successfulloveand suddenly the bottom seems to fall

out! Perhaps it's your pocketbook. Lord help us.once money seem to just roll towards you easily and now it seems to slip awayeven before you get your hands on it. For some it can be with health issues.has an illness come upon you suddenly for apparently no reason? now if you feel that you're sufferingfrom a past life trigger there's no need to despair because thereason that you are experiencing this this and the reason that you're findingthis information is most likely because

you came forth into this life time toheal this now. What brought this up anyway? The samething that brings up everything I teachmy life. something I needed to look at and healin my own life came up see my own lifethe past few yearshas been ok. but not as successfulsome areas as it hasearlier years soI was talking to spirit and getting this idea for the past life time trigger. I askedIspirit. is this something that I need to look at? That I need to heal at mylife? And guess what?

spirits said, ABSOLUTELY, Rebecca there issomething you need to heal . So I used self hypnosis and put myselfatrance .a past life regression and I could very clearly see the event coming up it was like a little movie playingmymind. Here's what was going on with thispast life issue and it wasn't anything romantic like I was Cleapatra oranything like that. What I saw was was certainly not flattering.I was a Ruthless tax collector backit looked like the Mesopotamian era.

This ismy vision underselfhypnosis I wore a dusty red robe, a turban on myhead and I had a tiny little scar at the corner of my left eye! Speaking of eyes. mine were black and shifty. I had a realswarthy complexion, a dark beard a mustache and ugly yellow missshapenteeth. In this past life experience I had no compassion or sympathy for thosethat I was collecting taxes from .You know what I'm so sorry to say I did nothesitate to line my own pockets with the

DH200 Intra Oral Exam 6 Tongue

In order to observe the tongue, have the patient stick their tongue out to observe the dorsal surface. Retrieve your mirror and fold a piece of gauze around the tip of the tongue. Gently move the tongue to the side and place your mirrorthe buccal mucosa to observe the lateral border and the posterior portion of the tongue where it enters the oropharynx. Repeat this process on the opposite side. The lateral surface of the tongue is the number one site for oral cancer, so this area is crucial. Next have the patient lift their tongue to observe the ventral surface. Using a bidigital technique you will palpate the tongue.

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