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Two Surgical Options for Facial Paralysis Johns Hopkins Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

MUSIC The thing with facial paralysisis tough, especially in my profession, working withstudents or younger children. They're very curiousabout what happens. At the beginning of the year you kind of get them talkingbehind my back a little. gt;gt; Everything on this sideof my face no longer worked. Because the effect onthe muscles it was very

noticeably droopy. People looked at me andthought I had a stroke. gt;gt; Sofacial reanimation refers to the treatment offacial paralysis. So these patients havethe inability to move one side of their face. So by facial reanimation werestore their ability to smile, to blink, to show emotion,

to allow them to integrateinto society better. Patients with facial paralysisof longstanding duration really have two options to restoretheir ability to smile. MUSIC In the first,we use a muscle in the face, the temporalis muscle,and we reroute it. And this allows themto smile by clenching. We refer to that asthe temporalis tendon transfer.

It's a procedure thatwe've helped popularize in North America. gt;gt; Right afterwardit was very drastic. With the muscle beingpulled up so far. It took awhile formy face to relax. gt;gt; The temporal's tendontransfer, the T3, is a very quick onehour procedure and that can be performedas an outpatient.

It's pretty simple to perform. It very predictably elevatesthe corner of the mouth, and it can restore a smilein a majority of people. And so a lot of patientslike that procedure because it's pretty quick and it'spretty simple to go through. The only real downside to itis that the amount of smile that it can produce tends to besmaller than the second option. gt;gt; During the recovery processI actually was seeing,

I think she wasa physical therapist, where I would goa couple times a month. And we would work ondoing facial movements. So it would be things suchas raising my eyebrows, trying to pucker my lips,sucking out of straws. Different activities to getparts of my face moving. But when I learned about thissurgery, and the idea of being able to create a smile again,it was almost like a no brainer.

Facial Palsy Acupuncture Brisbane

Hey guys, today I am going to talk about FacialPalsy. Often times, patients with Bell's Palsywill wake up, all of the sudden and they feel like they can't close their eyelids properlyor they start drooling or they start to feel numbness of one side of the face and headachesand dizziness. sensitivity to the light. Normally what happens, they usually rush tothe emergency room or go to their local GP and there's nothing that they can reallydo about it. Aside from giving them steroids, sometimesit helps, sometimes it doesn't. So today, I will talk about acupuncture for Bell'sPalsy.

Usually Bell's Palsy is a form of audioimmunesystem function failure or a kind of Epstein Barr, postviral infection or you could justhave a low immune system. So What happens is your facial nerve get inflamedand presses against the other nerves, so it causes the drooling and the numbness of theface. So it is just inflamed. So What acupuncture does is to help reducethe inflammation. So the first thing that you can do for Bell's palsy is to see anacupuncturist. What acupuncture does is to promote the body's healing process and reducesthe inflammation around the facial nerve. Another thing you should do is keep your facecovered away from air conditioned, winds or

cold drafts, so that it doesn't slow thehealing process of the body. And the last thing you could do is run outand get some herbal medicine from your local Chinese medicine practitioner.If you have any more questions about Facial Palsy, please feel free to leave comments,send an email or give me a call.

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