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When you initially presented to the office,you presented with numbness, tingling, and irritation in the lower extremities and feet.We've managed this condition with our peripheral neuropathy program. How have you done withthe management and how are you doing today? Oh I'm feeling fine, I'm feeling great. WhenI came in here I thought I'd have to live with pain the rest of my life and it's great,really great. Well we're very very proud to have you here as a patient and congratulationson your results. Thank you , thank you a lot.

Only One Leg Swelling During Pregnancy

Should I be worried about only one leg swellingduring pregnancy? Leg and ankle swelling during pregnancy isnormal. Your ankles might become cankles no matter how thin you are. Both feet have had some swelling, but oneof my legs is swelling more than the other. That could be a sign of a blood clot thataffects blood and fluid flow, called edema. Or it could be lower vein thrombosis. Is that serious? It is life threatening. If there is even achance you have a blood clot, you need to

see the . Could the leg swelling be something more benign? It might be. If you have really bad fluidretention and slept on one side, the leg that was lower than the rest of your body couldswell. That's easy to fix. Elevate it. And adjust your diet so that you don't haveas much fluid retention. I could drink some caffeine to help eliminatethe excess fluid. Or better yet, some of those diuretics.

A little bit of caffeine might be OK. Youshouldn't take a diuretic they stock in the weight loss section while you are pregnant,because it could trigger severe dehydration and electrolyte balance. Then I drink more water to make up for it. And you risk early labor because of the suddenand severe dehydration. That I can't make up for. Nor could thebaby. There's another potential problem. Suddenswelling of the legs could be a sign of preeclampsia. That doesn't sound good.

Preeclampsia is life threatening, and it couldtrigger early labor. It sounds like everything could trigger earlylabor. And every day in the mother is worth threedays in the neonatal unit. But it is better to visit the now. And who knows? Maybe you'll find out youjust need to change your sleeping position, reduce your soda consumption and wear compressionstockings. Or save my life.

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