Peripheral Edema And Numbness

Home Remedies for Numbness In Hands Legs II II

Hi friends this is satvinder on F3 health beauty tips. Today i am going to share few home remedies for numbnesshands feet Numbnesshands feet means there is lack of touch sensation. other symptoms may include tingling or burning sensation, sharp pain or weakness of the effective area Its a very common problem There are many causes including constant pressure on the hands feet exposure to cold object or nerve injury, fatigue, inking

Deficiency of Vitamin D12 or magnessium So, i am going to tell you few simple home remedies on numbness hands feet The first one of warm compress the first thing you need to do is apply to the warm compress to the effective area. It increases your blood supply and relaxes your muscles just dip a clothwarm water squeeze the excess water apply this warm compressor on the effected area for around 57 minutes Repeat several timesa day until the numbness is gone

you can also enjoy some hot water also enjoy some heat pads. The second one is message Message the area where numbness is there it improves the blood circulation. Stimulates the nerves muscles improves the over all functions. Take any oil olive oil, coconut oil or mustard oil apply oil on the affected area messagea circular motion. you can repeat it aswhen require The third one is exercise As you all know exercise improves the blood circulation oxygen to all parts of the body

it prevents tingling sensation to any effective part of the body including eands feet Regular exercise improves mobility prevents many health problems Avoid remainingsame position while watching TV or at work avoid caffeine aerated inks Include lots of fruits vegetablesyour diet. Avoid process foods ink ample amount of the water through out the day keep yourself hyated And loose weight to reduce numbnessyour feet toes.

So, these were very few simple home remedies for numbnessyour hands feet I hope it will be helpful to you Do subscribe to our channel also send us your comments. Thank you so much for watching my tutorial.

Tingling Burning or Numbnessthe Feet and Ankles

If you're watching this tutorial, you're probablyexperiencing either tingling, burning, or numbnessyour feet and ankles. Often, thisbegins with the forefoot and extends up to the anklesa stocking effect. You may alsobe experiencing shooting pains and loss of balance. If so, you have a condition we callperipheral neuropathy. Hello, my name is Robert Parker, cofounder and fellow of theAssociation of Extremity Nerve Surgeons. I have special training by Johns Hopkins' LeeDellennerve surgery for over a decade now. Did you know that there are over a huneddifferent kinds of peripheral neuropathies, and you may be prone to developing this condition,especially if you're diabetic? In my practice

I will first perform an extensive and thoroughlower extremity history and physical examination. We may perform a simple skin biopsy, whichcan help us determine whether you have a small fiber neruopathy or a large fiber neuropathy.We may perform a spectrocell test to determine if you have a deficiency which allows us tobetter diagnose and effectively treat your condition. We have, what call, our quot;Star WarsTreatmentsquot;, including the new robotic MLS laser, as well as the Dellan decompressions.The facts are that most neuropathies are progressivenature you may be experiencing that progressionright now. So, if you have any of these symptoms, or have been diagnosed with diabetes, it'sessential that you make an appointment to

see me as soon as possible.

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