Non Surgical Treatment For Peripheral Nerve Injuries

Seeing Pain New approach to diagnosing and treating nerve damage Chris McCurdy TEDxUM

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Common Nerve Problemsthe Elbow Cubital Tunnel Synome QA

Hi. My name is Khurram Pervaiz. I am a shoulder, elbow and hand with the Orthopedic Associates of Central Maryland and I work at Howard County General . There are several nerves around the elbow. There is the nerve, the radial nerve and the median nerve. The one that's most commonly affected isthe nerve, the nerve that crosses the inside of the elbow. This nerve can

travels through a tunnel and when the tunnel gets narrow thecondition, also known as cubital tunnel synome can give you pain, numbness andtingling from the elbow radiating down into the hand. So the nerve is the main nerve on the inside of the elbow, also known as the funny bone. So, when one would hit their elbow on something hard and you get a numbness and tingling inyour little finger,

you've essentially hit the nerve. This condition can sometimes be confused with carpaltunnel synome. In fact the symptoms can overlap. I frequently see patients with bothcarpal and cubital tunnel synome having a pinchednerve around the wrist as well as around the elbow. This iswhy it's important for you to be evaluated by

an upper limb , somebody that specializestreatmentof such conditions. Frequently, a nerve test also known as an EMG or a nerve conduction study is necessary to assess the severity of the nerve compression around the elbow. Symptoms of cubital tunnel synome are nerve compression around the elbow, are frequently pain on the inside of theelbow that radiates down into the little finger and half of the ring finger.

It can give you numbness and tingling. A lot of my patients tell me it wakesthem upthe middle of the night, bothers them when they're iving. Thishas also been coined as cellphone elbow because when you hold a cell phone up to your ear and you have your elbow bent for a long period of time people will have numbness and tinglingthe littlefinger. That can be one of the early signs of cubital tunnel synome.

An EMG or a nerve conduction study isa specialized test frequently done by somebody that specializesnerveconduction studies.the arm um. physicians that trainsomething like this can bephysical medicine and rehab s or neurologists. Cubital tunnel synomethe early stages can be treated with rest,

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