Mild Axonal Sensory Peripheral Neuropathy

Fluoroquinolones and Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy, this is an often devastatingconditionwhich people develop pain and numbnesstheir hands and feet. Basicallythey're told on the evening news that they should be taking this or that mediion sothat they can get through life. That's treating the smoke and ignoring thefire. Those medicines that you're seeing advertised don't treat the neuropathy, they only treatthe symptoms. But what's causing peripheral neuropathy? Well we know thatAmerica,one of the biggest causes of peripheral neuropathy is being diabetic, which is clearly relatedto the foods that you eat by and large. Becoming a type 2 diabetic amatically increases yourrisk for having peripheral neuropathy and

fact being devastated by it. This is adisease that effects 115 Americans. Let's take a look. So again this is 115 Americans—thisis 20 million Americans afflicted by this disease, that aside from diabetes, we're toldthe cause is unknown. Well maybe that's not exactly true. Last month,the journal Neurology,an incredible study was published describing a relationship between what are called fluoroquinolones,and the risk of developing a peripheral neuropathy. You may not know what fluoroquinolones are,but chances are you may have actually been exposed to fluoroquinolone. These are antibioticsused for treating things like upper respiratory

infections and even urinary tract infections.Things like Levaquin and Cipro are commonly usedwalks. If you have a urinarytract infection, you may have received these mediations. Well, here's what the study showedus: So this is a study publishedSeptember2014 that looked at men between age 45 to 80 years of age followed for a 10 year periodandthis group there were over 6,000 cases of peripheral neuropathy. And they comparedthese individuals to about 25,000 aged match controls, and what they found was that riskfor developing this devastating condition called peripheral neuropathy was doubled inthose individuals exposed to this class of

antibiotics called fluoroquinolones. And whatthe researchers also told us is that, and I quote, quot;Fluoroquinolones have been shownto neurotoxic. Oral fluoroquinolones have also been associated with reported cases ofpsychosis and seizures, which similar to peripheral neuropathy have been shown to be acute eventsoccurring within days of fluoroquinolone use. In light of strong evidence of unnecessaryprescribing of oral fluoroquinolonesthe United States, ians must weigh the riskof PN against the benefits of prescribing FQ when prescribing these ugs to their patients.quot; We've got to practice medicine under the dictumof quot;above all do no harm.quot; One of our most

well respected peer journals is nowtelling us that the use of these mediions—these fluoroquinolone antibiotics is associatedwith doubling of the risk of peripheral neuropathy. A disease which often is not treatable. Sokeep thatmind the next time you think you need an antibiotic for this or that problem,discuss this study with your treating physician. I'm David Perlmutter.

Cervical Foraminal Stenosis and Nerve Compression Neck Pain Colorado Spine Surgeon

a part of the cervical spine or neck that is important is the uncovertebral joint and that is this little triangularoutcropping of bone right here this point as we get older starts toenlarge and push against this point and that creates a spur the spur can live rightthis areaand of course that spur is right where the nerve root exits and thereforethat spur can compress a nerve root and it's quite a common problem

for patients with neck shoulder and arm pain these are actual cervical vertebra these are out of people who've had degenerative arthritis and you can see here significant bone spur formation and right here i was talking about theuncovertebral joint you can see the nerve hole right here is quite narrowedbecause of those bone spurs growing into that area compressing the nerve

that is the bone spur from theuncovertebral joint that causes the nerve root compression.

Car Accident Victim Suffers Brain Damage Phoenix Injury Lawyer Gets Great Compensation

Hi I am Thomas Dolan. I wasa car accident. I suffered brain damage. I came to Anew Alex. He has greatly exceeded my expectations, he's got a bit more money than I thought I was going to get out of itand just the quality of work was great. He always responded back to me within aday or the same day.

The staff is also great. They also gave him his phone number if I needed it, they always gave me the information I requested. They've always been there for me let meknow stepbystep what was going on with the paperwork I would use him again if I ever got into another accident and I would refer him to anyone that needed help with an accident And at the end of the day, when we make that big difference

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