Management Of Painful Peripheral Neuropathy

Successful Laser Treatment for Painful Neuropathy in the Feet

My name is Ernie, I live up by Emporia. Igot with Truong to talk to him about the neuropathy pain that's in my feet. We talkedfor a while and he recommended to do this laser treatment that they have over at Wichita.With the laser treatment, and with another aspect of the treatment that helped was thisbrace that he gave me that pulled my big toe back to stretch the Achilles tendon all theway up. They felt like that would help also and I felt like that has really helped. Comingover here to take these I've found the staff to be very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeableof what they were doing. I feel like, from the time I started these until right now,I feel like it's improved at least 30%,

that I'm not dragging the one foot and I'mstepping up better and I just feel like it has helped an awful lot.

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