Long Term Effects Of Peripheral Neuropathy

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When you initially presented to the office,you presented with numbness, tingling, and irritation in the lower extremities and feet.We've managed this condition with our peripheral neuropathy program. How have you done withthe management and how are you doing today? Oh I'm feeling fine, I'm feeling great. WhenI came in here I thought I'd have to live with pain the rest of my life and it's great,really great. Well we're very very proud to have you here as a patient and congratulationson your results. Thank you , thank you a lot.

Pathology Of Neuropathy On The Human Body

Thank you for watching our tutorial. As you cansee from the picture; you can see a nerve becoming sick. This is called Neuropathy orthe pathology or disease of the nerve. This is a prime example of where Diabetic Neuropathycould affect the nerves typically of the feet. Exactly what happens is long term exposureto white refined sugar and food additives in the blood cause an irritiation to the wallof the artery. This causes a thickening of the arterial wall and when healthy normalcholesterol interacts with oils that are added to virtually every packaged food they producea plaque and a sludge that further coats arterial walls further narrowing the wall that bloodhas to pass through. When the nerve does not

get the blood that it needs it withers away.As the nerve withers away it gives off the sensation depending on what type of nervefiber it is. Different types of nerves give off different sensations. BURNING, COLD, POKING,VIBRATING, BUZZING AND NUMBNESS are all signs that the nerves are withiering away and dying.There are many ways to go about dealing with this condition as it is progressive. Naturalways are best. Always look for the natural solution as opposed to a toxic solution.

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