Led Therapy For Peripheral Neuropathy

Son of Peripheral Neuropathy Patient Reviews Bellevue Chiropractor

Hi my name is Ram. My dad went through significantissues health wise that started with what we thought was depression. This led to wherehe wouldn't walk at all he would just laybed and do nothing for a couple of months.He wouldn't talk to anybody and he lost his apite and there by affected his sleepand then led that his quality of life was completely torn apart. Then somehow we endedfinding out through a newspaper ad about Bellevue Pain Institute and we thought we would giveit a shot for all of the traditional medicines quite didn't work. Originally we were prettyskeptical about the results and what became obvious to us, the s edued us thatPeripheral Neuropathy can have significant

issues causing depression, it can actuallyend up causing depression. Coming to the Bellevue Pain Institute over the course of the last3 months, my dad has made significant progress now to the point where is able to walk witha walker and that is impressive, to compare where he was 6 months ago to where he is now.I am simply impressed how all this came together, his apite has improved, he has startedto take food regularly and he sleeps much better, pretty well about 6 to 7 hours atnight without being disturbed. That is a significant change from what he went through where hewould sit up awake the entire night and feel grumpy all day long. So far the results havebeen very stellar and my two thumbs up to

Bellevue Pain !.

The LED Pain Reliever

The LED pain reliever. This is the painreliever that uses sixty LED lights to stimulate bloodcirculation, relieve swellingjoints, and loosen tight muscles. Unlike like heatingpads that merely warm the skin surface, LED technology produces safe infraredheat that penetrates deep into the body's tissue. And like every item offered by HammacherSchlemmer, it comes with a lifetime guarantee of satisfaction. Hammacher Schlemmer. Offering the best,the only,

and the unexpected since 1848.

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