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PreDiabetic Peripheral Neuropathy Randall Gates Power Health Talk

Hello, I am Randall Gates. I am a chiropractor,as well as being a board certified chiropractic neurologist. We work with patients who have have peripheralneuropathy on a very common basis. It's actually the majority of our case load. What we areseeing is that, in our al practice certain neuropathy patients can be helped. So lets pause there. You are watching thisbecause you likely know something about prediabetes and peripheral neuropathy. You may know morethan what your s know about this condition. I'm not saying that in a denigration fashion.It's just that this is a relatively new finding

and we will get to that. So what is peripheral neuropathy? Peripheralneuropathy is basically where patients commonly have numbness, tingling and or burning intheir feet, maybe spreading up to their knees and maybe involving their hands. Yes, thereare many other kinds of peripheral neuropathy but they're not what we are commonly talkingabout here. So for those with blood sugar disorders, we'veknown for a long period of time that diabetes causes peripheral neuropathy. The currentstatistics estimate that for those withperipheral neuropathy, diabetes counts for half of that.In our al experience many types of patients

with peripheral neuropathy are told it's yourdiabetes half the time or we don't know the cause the other half of the time. We can runlots of lab tests but we are not going to figure it out. You just have to go home andlive with it because there is really nothing we can do for you anyway. Those are commonly the accounts patients getfrom their medical peripheral neuropathy or their medical general practitioner. Whilethat may have been true some time ago, a new research is coming out that patients withperipheral neuropathy can be helped. So I'm just going to stop there.

So now lets go into prediabetes. The literaturestarted coming out late 1990s early 2000s. This prediabetic peripheral neuropathy hasreally been discovered by two gentlemen out of the Universtiy of Utah, Gordon Smithand Robinson Singleton. These are two neurologists from the University of Utah,which is a specialty center, where they started showing that prediabetes can cause peripheral neuropathy. We thought diabetes counts for half of peripheralneuropathy patients in America. They are now showing that prediabetes can account fora significant percentage. This statistic varies from 10% but I've seen it as high as 30%,which I think is a little too high. Prediabetes

can account for a significant percentage ofthose cases of idopathic peripheral neuropathy or cryptogenic peripheral neuropathies, whichbasically means we don't know the cause of it. So we are now seeing that prediabetescan cause peripheral neuropathy. How does it do that? Well, when someone hasprediabetes, in essence what happens is that they have periods where their blood sugargoes too high. It is not too high all the time as is commonly the case in an unmanagedcase of diabetes. So let's say you go have your feast of pasta and bread, you go to anice Italian dinner, and if you are moving into a prediabetic state there is a possibilitythat you just cant make enough insulin to

get that sugar into yourself. So insulin takessugar from our blood stream and puts it into our muscle cells or our fat cells. So in essence, in prediabetes you eat thathigh carbohydrate meal and sugar goes a little too high. When that sugar goes a little toohigh, there are three tissues in the body that can't get sugar out of them. The retina,the kidney and peripheral nerves and nerve tissue basically. If you can't get sugar out,the problem is that sugar gets converted into a substance that attracts water. So now thosewith prediabetes, we are seeing that they can pull water into the nerves. That can causethe nerves to start to dysfunction.

ITP Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura treatment in Ayurveda Testimonial

Hello sir, ma'am I welcome you to Planet Ayurveda Center Ma'am I would like to know about patient Mother It's my baby Ma'am what problem he had actually? When he was 4 years old, his platelets were down. Like 7000 per microliter. We got treatment, bone marrow tests and all for him but there were no results. After blood and platelets transfusion though platelets were around 2 lacks per microliter but they went down again.

What was his diagnosis? He had some red spots on his tongue, we had consultation with and after blood tests we came to know that he has only 7000 platelets per microliter. advised us for the treatment. What treatment they recommended? Mother – we were advised for blood and platelets transfusion. Father – we met different s at Faridabad and according to them treatment was costly and we were told that there is no any successful treatment for his problem. Though there was improvement with platelets count but all of sudden they were falling down again. He was admitted in also for 2 days. Within a week his platelets were 48k from 2 lacks per microliter. I would like to know that how you diverted to words Ayurveda, I mean how did you come in contact with Vikram Chauhan?

Father – I would like to say that where we consulted said there is no treatment. And when we shifted to some other , there we were asked to repeat all the blood tests including bone marrow again. Baby used to cry all the night and we started searching on net. Came to know about Vikram chauhan then. Was he tested with bone marrow? Mother Yes but there was no problem with that. You mean to say that there was no diagnosis for his problem but platelets were low. Mother Yes What was his lowest platelets count?

7000 per microliter. Platelets were not stable though they were going up after treatment but again used to fell down. It all cost us around 1.5 lacks. Well, then you came to Ayurveda. Yes sir, we had discussion with you on phone and started with medicines. Within 2 days we saw the positive results. Platelets increased from 48 to 50 per microliter. Now for how long you gave medicines. We gave for 2 months Had you come earlier also at Planet Ayurveda Center?

Yes this is second time we are coming here to meet Vikram Chauhan. Vikram Chauhan Tejas, child had ITP problem. There is not much in allopathic science for this but Ayurveda has very good results. Ayurveda calls it Pitta Janit Vikar which is due to imbalance of pitta dosha in body that is fire element of body. I have crossed his prescription today as he has no need to have these ayurvedic medicines again. I gave him – Rajat bhasm, prawal pisti, mukta pisti etc with other ayurvedic medicines like G plat. Also I gave an herbal combination to his mother as baby is very small. I gave her all cooling herbs with natural compounds. She also need not to take them. Child's platelets were 2 lakh 77 thousand on 27th Feb after treatment and 3 lakh 44 thousand per microliter on 25th march

Means after 2 months course platelets are enough as we wanted and he doesn't need any treatment further. You (child's mother) keep taking Shatavari. I am happy that because of Ayurveda this small child is all cured. Mother – sir we are happier and for us you are like god. As we consulted different s over Faridabad, but got relief here from Vikram chauhan only. I hope whatever you explained in tutorial, will be helpful for people. Any message for people, those who are watching this tutorial? Mother – I will say that people are less interested to wards Ayurveda and have no awareness, so please trust Ayurveda.

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