Is Peripheral Neuropathy Unilateral

Unilateral Orthotic for op Foot treatment

Hi welcome back to Foot of the Week Ian Engelmenhere from Insightful Products. I'm here with Dustin. Dustin's had a Step Smart brace forabout 5 months now and it's worked out for you. Yeah it's worked out great. Awesome.We have a visit here today from Dustin because he's got what they call leg length discrepancies. So because he's got a little bit of a height addition because of the brace on the rightside he's going to need something for the left side and we have product called OrthoticMEto puthis left shoe. What this will do is even out the heights so his hips becomelevel. This slips rightand this is called 34 length and you wouldn't take out any insertthat's alreadythe shoe because you need

to have something underneath the toes so justleave thatthere. How does that feel? Good. Ok just stand still for a second. Does thatfeel even on both sides? Yeah. Ok stand right here. Just face me here. So you're a littlehigher on the left side. So we've evened it up and you should be all set. Alright thankyou. Thanks for comingDustin. That it's for Foot of the Week and we'll see you nextweek.

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