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The Advantages of Using Disability Benefits Questionnaires DBQs

gt;gt;Text: eClaims Online VA Claims Made Simple.U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs gt;gt;Narrator: The Advantages of Using Disability BenefitsQuestionnaires, or DBQs Do you know that you can expedite your VAdisability claim by submitting Disability Benefits Questionnaires, or DBQs, along withyour Fully Developed Claim? DBQs are downloadable, electronic forms createdfor Veterans' usethe disability evaluation process. DBQs can help speed up the processing of yourcompensation or pension claim. Let's take a closer look. DBQs were developed to streamline the collectionof medical information needed to process your disability claim.

The forms use standardized medical terminologyand check boxes to quickly and accurately describe medical conditions. There are currently over 70 DBQs available that cover a range of physical and psychological disabilities. With DBQs, you may eliminate the need fora VA disability rating examination. Any healthcare provider with an active medicallicense can easily describe your symptomsthe terms VA needs to accurately evaluateand promptly decide your disability claim. Using a provider you're comfortable withand who who has treated your disabilitythe past helps ensure that important medicalinformation is includedyour claim.

While some DBQs are specific to a single medicalcondition, many forms can be used for several conditions related to the same organ or body system, such as heart conditions or respiratory conditions. Remember that VA will only accept DBQs preparedby healthcare providers with an active medical license. Healthcare providers completing DBQs musthave sufficient medical expertise to conduct a thorough medical assessment for the typeof DBQ completed. VA, of course, reserves the right to verifythe data and authenticity of all DBQs completed by private health care providers, andsomecases, VA may still perform its own medical examination if additional medical evidenceis needed.

Licensed, nonVA, health care providers whocan fill out these forms include: Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Physicians, Psychiatrists, and Psychologists. Your healthcare provider can fill out theDBQs electronically, or by hand. Legibility is important!

If your healthcare provider completes theDBQ by hand, VA must be able to read the information. Once completed, providers may mail or securelyfax the paper DBQ to one of two VA Evidence Intake Centers based on where you live. Your accredited Veterans Service Officer,or VSO, representative may also submit completed DBQs directly to the appropriate VA EvidenceIntake Center. However, to receive the fastest claim processingpossible, VA recommends that you submit DBQs as part of a Fully Developed Claim, or FDC. An FDC submitted with a DBQ is the best wayfor Veterans and survivors to get the fastest

decisions possible on their VA claims. You simply submit all your supporting evidence,including the DBQ, with your appliion, and certify that you have no more evidenceto submit. Submitting a DBQ with your FDC may eliminatethe need for a VA medical exam since DBQs are derived directly from the disability ratingcriteriathe VA Schedule for Rating Disabilities. DBQs provide VA rating s with the information they need to evaluate your disability claim. A complete and accurate DBQ may significantly reduce the amount of time it takes VA to process your claim. When filing an electronic FDC for disabilitycompensation through eBenefits, any DBQs you

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