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ATTENTION HAVE YOU TAKEN THE DRUG LEVAQUIN? IF SO, PLEASE, LISTEN TO THIS IMPORTANT MESSAGE. Millions of lives have been saved becauseof the discovery of antibiotics. Fluoroquinolones are a type of powerful antibiotic which havebeen used to treat serious and lifethreatening bacterial infections. These fluoroquinolonesinclude the antibiotic ug, Levaquin. However, Levaquin has often been prescribedfor less serious ailments, such as sinus infections or ear infections, as well as other problemsthat could be treated with antibiotics that aren't quite as potent. This has resultedin many people developing Levaquin peripheral

neuropathy. Peripheral neuropathy occurs when the nervesthat carry information from the brain to the central nervous system have become damaged.This resultsa variety of symptoms and many people have become disabled due to theuse of these antibiotics. Some of these symptoms include: Shooting painBurning or tingling sensation Lack of coordination and muscle weaknessDigestive issues DizzinessLightheadedness

Changesblood pressureVision problems Sweating or intolerance to heat In 2013, the FDA required ug makers to listperipheral neuropathy as a side effect. This came 12 years after the connection had alreadybeen made. Levaquin nerve damage can resultpermanentdisability and rob a victim of their ability to work. A number of lawsuits have alreadybeen filed, all of which claim the companies failed to provide patients with adequate warningsabout their association with peripheral neuropathy. If you or someone you know has taken Avelox,Cipro or Levaquin and developed any burning,

tingling, numbness of the legs and or arms,or were diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy, you may be entitled to compensation. Howevertime is limited to file a claim. For a free, no obligation case , callthe experienced law office of Bernstein Liebhard toll free at 18889882'9. That's 18889882'9. Again to learn more about your rights today,and for the compensation you deserve, call the law office of Bernstein Liebhard at 18889882'9.

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When you originally presented to the officeyou presented with lower right foot and great tow pain. What we observed upon examinationis that you suffer from very advanced small fiber neuropathythe right foot and toe.You consulted other practitioners, podiatrists, neurologists for treatment and relief. Unfortunatelyyou suffered for eight months. How have you responded to date to the Davis Neuropathyprogram and what's been your experience herethis office? The easiest way to say itis it's been like night and day. I'm coming up on the end of my treatment and also I expectto continue the treatmentthe maintenance program you call it. The last week or so Ihad forgotten, quite frankly, how much life

could be fun again. I'm back on the golf course,I'm doing my walking, I'm backthe pool. My life used to be considered, it'd be a,a hot plate or a cold, just prop it up doing nothing, feeling miserable. It's just beenwonderful these last couple of weeks, just wonderful. Like I said it's night and day.I'm so glad I saw the adthe paper, I sent the email over and it's just wonderful. justwonderful. Well congratulations on your results and we're very proud to have you here as apatient.

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