Goals Of Treatment For Peripheral Neuropathy

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My name is Gladys Morrison, I amthe labof Eileen Dolan. My research is mainly trying to find neuroprotective agents forperipheral neuropathy and it is a debilitating toxicitybreast cancer patients who arereceiving chemotherapy and so our main goal is to try to find ugs or neuroprotectiveagents that can protect peripheral neurons which are affected by chemotherapy. Okay soI'm originally from Ghana, I moved to Worcester, Massachusetts when I washigh school, andthen went to collegeAtlanta, Georgia at Spelman College and went to grad school atBaylor College of MedicineHouston and decided to come here for my fellowship. I'vealways been interestedsort of science,

but then it mainly started off when I foundout my mom had breast cancer when I was much younger and so that sort of moved me intosearching more into what causes breast cancer and how certain women, why certain women getbreast cancer and what are the different types of breast cancer and stuff like that. So breastcancer patients are often times given chemotherapy which is a toxic ug and the side effectsof that most of the time is peripheral neuropathy which causes patients to feel paintheirperipheral extremities and prevents them from feeling cold or heat, et cetera. So due tothe recent advancesinducedvitro stem cells we are now able to create specific celltypeswhich toxicities occur. So with this

vitro model we are then able to screenfor possible neuroprotective agents that can prevent or overcome the chemotherapy inducedtoxicities that we seepatients. And so with these ugs we can translate them intothe to eventually or hopefully find neuroprotective agents that can overcome thesetoxicity neuropathies that we seepatients. More and more physicians are realizing thatpersonalized medicine is the way to curing or understanding the etiology of any diseaseand so when I came to this lab to try to understand how to investigate the different causes orthe different variants that each individual posses which then resultsus respondingall very differently to therapies or to ugs.

And so at the end of the day if we are allable to achieve that that would definitely increase the chances of survival and reducemortality rates. For anyone that is interestedthis field I would say that I think youcan do it, it's not an easy road but there are always these moments of satisfaction orexcitement and happiness that sort of make it all worthwhile. I think you can definitelydo it if you put your mind to succeeding if this is really something that you want todo just try, try, try, and try again if you don't succeed, just keep trying.

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