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Got Celiac Disease Watch Your Nerves

Celiac disease patients may need to watchmore than just what they eat when it comes to their health. They may need to watch thehealth of their nerves, too. I'm Miranda Savioli with your latest health news. A new study found that patients with celiacdisease were two and a half times more likely to develop neuropathy, that's nerve damage,than people who did not have the autoimmune digestive disorder. Patients with neuropathytypically have weakness, numbness or paintheir extremities. While the cause of nervedamageceliac patients was unclear, the study's authors did say that people with thedisease may be able to prevent nerve damage

by following a glutenfree diet — avoidingfoods with wheat, barley and rye.

Whats the deal with Hashimotos Disease 6 common root causes

Well, Hello you lovely human person! I am the ThyroidQueen. Well, No. Not really. But you can call me V. In today's episode, we will cover what Hashimoto' is, where it comes from, what it does, and the 6 most common root causes. Hashimoto's disease is a very individual disease. If you have it, consider yourself a snowflake.

Yes, a snowflake. You may have a lot of things, or just a few thingscommon with other Hashimoto's patients, but you're unique and not completely like someone else with this illness. What works for you may not work for somebody else, and the other way around. Some things are gonna be black and white and some things are gonna be a complied puzzle. This is me.

When I was dying my hair. Happy little thing. Yes, little. I'm 5'2. When I'm ME 100%, I think I'm a sweetheart. My other half thinks I'm a total goofball And my mum thinks I'm a boss. Thanks, mom!

Hashimoto's disease is a part of me, and it affects usdifferent ways. This is how I imagine my Hashimoto's disease to look like. LIKE A BRAINFOG ZOMBIE! When this thing took over, I was a sad, angry, anxious, slow, confused and tired person. Ughh. It can affect youso many ways. But its main focus is your thyroid.

Omnomnomnomnom Before the attack, my thyroid looked something like this. Now it looks something like this. There are things you can do to stop Hashimoto's from attacking it, and make it less aggressive. How long this will take depends and variates from person to person. But it can be done. Hashimoto's disease can be put into remission. Like a deep everlasting sleep.

This an autoimmune disease. It means your own immune system cannot tell the difference between your own healthy tissue, and foreign invaders. In this case, it attacks your thyroid. Alessio Fasano describes autoimmunity as a 3 legged throne that needs 3 things to be present to manifestyour body. 1. The right genes. 2. A trigger or multiple triggers. Intestinal permeability. AKA a leaky gut.

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