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Today we are here with Amir, he came intoour office Valentine Chiropractic originally by driving by and seeing our our previousads in the newspaper regarding Laser and Decompression treatments. He came in with Plantar Fascitisand came to realize after being examined that he really had Peripheral Neuropathy. He wentto Kaiser, tried to put him in a cast for 4 weeks and he started to lose strength inhis legs, he was also on pain pills which were making him violently sick. He was lookingfor some other modality to help him, he felt there had to be something out there that couldhelp. I happened to be driving by your building and i looked and saw that you talked aboutbeing Gluten Free and Peripheral Neuropathy,

so I called and talked to your brother DrLeonard Valentine and had a good conversation and felt very comfortable that you guys couldhelp me with my chronic plantar fascitis. The pain I had was not just in my heels it wasthe whole bottom of my foot hurt plus my heel and Kaiser was telling me it could come fromyour back so they did back xrays, nothing showed up on my back xrays, so then theysaid it was my weight. It turns out it wasn't my weight it turns out I had another ailment,that needed to be treated and healed, so now since starting treatment which has been about2 weeks and the whole bottom of my foot and my heel that I'm not feeling any pain in.So this is the first time in 2 years that

you have gone 2 weeks without any pain atall? Correctthat's is phenomenal and being off pain pills for a month, that has beenthe first time in 2 years. What would you say to those people all around the world whosuffer with plantar fascitis or peripheral neuropathy? We work with people all arounddifferent states who suffer with this very same problem, we can help those people aslong as they are willing to reach out. What would you say to the people else where sufferingwith Peripheral NeuropathyI would say this program works, I haven't even been in thisprogram 7 weeks, maybe 57 weeks this has got to be the program that is going to helppeople, I have found nothing else to help

meyour program is wonderful for treatingand fixing people with Plantar Fascitis or Peripheral Neuropathy.

Patient with Severe Foot Pain Reviews Bellevue Chiropractor

Hi, good afternoon. Can you share with usyour name please? Jennifer. Hi Jennifer, thank you for being with us today. I just wantedto ask you a couple of questions about how you were feeling before you started care with Polzin's Office? I was in pain, really bad pain in my feet, and I didn't sleep. Iwasn't able to sleep for days sometimes. Wow. Yeah, I went like 3 days was the totaldays that I could not sleep. And I was on a lot of medication. And you have a family,and children to take care of, so that was not working, detrimental. Yes. And actuallymy husband researched online to find something because because he was like 'something hasto happen' because I wasn't a mom or a wife.

Oh my goodness. It was terrible. So you'reon all sorts of medications, you're not functioning, you're not sleeping, you'rein tons of pain, not functioning in your life at all and then your husband researched andfound Polzin and then what happened? Started coming in. I was really hopeful that it wouldhelp. And then came in probably for the first 10 visits and really wasn't seeing a difference.Then right after my 10th visit, I started seeing a huge difference and I've cut backon my medication. I was on pain medication, and I'm no longer on pain medication. Atall? At all. No pain medication. And what is your pain level without the medication?A 2 or a 3. So it's definitely tolerable,

before it was not tolerable. I mean I waseven in the emergency room. Oh my goodness, Yeah saying something needs to happen. Wow,so at this point, you've regenerated your nerves, because your primary concern was theneuropathy right and that was the pain that was keeping you up. And I had been tryingto figure out what was wrong with me for like 2 years. Different s, different tests,nobody could tell me anything. And just researching your guys' office, we said 'let's try it'.And then I found out even what I had, what was going on. They just said it was from diabetes,nothing like what it is, they didn't even tell me that it was my nerves that are dying,they didn't tell me anything. No information,

you just knew what you were feeling and thatit was tearing apart your life. Oh my goodness! They just said that it's diabetes, and takeall of these pills and you'll feel better. And you're young and you're young and youhave children and a husband to support. So how are you feeling now? So you're not inpain, and you're not taking all the medication and you're functioning. Yes, I am feelinga lot better, I'm not 100% but I am feeling a lot better. Just to not have to take painmedication is HUGE, HUGE! And so now you are focusing on a couple of other goals 'becauseyou're feeling better, right? Lot of other goals. A lot of other goals there's thingsto be taken care of and it's nice to get

back to your life. Well thank you, thank youfor sharing. You're welcome!.

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