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When you had originally presented to the office,you presented with chronic numbness, tingling, burning, in the hands and the feet. It limitedyour ability to walk, limited your ability to sleep, your ability to relax. We've completeda course of treatment here with the Davis neuropathy program, how have you done withthe treatment and how are you feeling today? I feel wonderful. I have to tell you thatthe treatment, I was on both programs. Before I came in, all that I knew that I had wasperipheral neuropathy after your exam, after you examined me. We found out that I had alsospinal stenosis in my spine. I have followed your program, both of your programs, the DRSprogram and the peripheral neuropathy program,

and I am doing beautifully. I can now walkwithout assistance which I was having to hold my husband's hand or somebody's hand whenI was shopping or doing anything. I could not drive by myself. I feel like a whole personnow. Well congratulations on your results and we're very proud to have you here as apatient. What else would you like to have me tell you? If you have another questionI could certainly, I would like to tell a little bit about your people that you haveworking for you. They are wonderful, young, professional people. I don't know what kindof a program you put them on, but I love each and every one of them. They're an asset toyour office. Well thank you so much for the

kind words and we look forward to seeing youagain soon. You're welcome.

How To Improve Kidney Function Part 3

howtoimprovekidneyfunction givesyou detailed tips on how to reverse kidney damage naturally. How To Improve Kidney Function (Part 3) What are the signs and symptoms of kidneydamage? Early SymptomsThe early symptoms of diabetic renal disease are typically not seen in individuals whohave diabetes. This condition can be diagnosed by a routine urine examination. Other laboratoryexaminations which can help with the diagnosis are increased blood potassium concentrationsand elevated blood urea.

Some of the noticeable symptoms in the earlystage of kidney disease include: * Sleepiness and Fatigue* Leg swelling * Nausea* Bad breath as well as a reduction in appetite * Foamy or frothy urine* Excessive sleeping * Increased urination frequency at night* Inability to concentrate for long periods * Lethargy* Seizures * Leg restlessness* Peripheral neuropathy or tingling sensation How To Prevent Diabetic Kidney Disease?

Find out your answers in Part 3 of our “HowTo Improve Kidney Function� tutorial series. In the meantime, grab your 10 Day FREE MinieCourse on quot;Beginner's Guide to Kidney Disease Reversing Kidney Damage Naturallyquot; at ourwebsite. Find out how you can get your FREE 10daymini course from the info below right now! howtoimprovekidneyfunction Check out these related tutorials too: How To Improve Kidney Function Main Channel: userimprovekidneyhealth How To Improve Kidney Function FREE MinieCourse:

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