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Welcome to health care at home One of our viewer has emailed us. He has written that he has the problem of burning feet (Pairo Mein Jalan) Due to this he is not even able to sleep So, for that he is asking a home remedy So, firstly its important to know that why does the feet are burning. There can be multiple reasons, one of the reason could be poor blood circulation. If there is no proper blood circulationyour body then, this could be the reason of burningyour feet.

Along with this there is one more reason Which is called Nerve DamageLeg, Its called Neuropathy. That means any of the nerve of your foot is damage Along with this the major reason of burningyour feet is consumption of alcohol, if you ink too much So, you will often notice, if you are a regular inker So, burning happensfeet hands specially at the time of sleeping. Feet hands seems to be too much warm. Along with this take care of one thing

That it may be the symptoms of any other disease, because if diabetes going to happen Even then you will have burning feet So, if you have burning feet. Firstly my advice to you to get your blood test done . And check on your sugar level, whether it is normal or not? If you have high sugar level then take its treatment, as we have done so many episodes on diabetes Ifthe beginning only, you will follow that remedies then you need not to take any type of medicines Sitting at home only your diabetes will becontrol Along with take turmeric powder, as it contains antiinflammatory properties

Means its soothes the burns So what you have to do is , mix 1 spoon of turmeric1 glass of water Consume this twicea day You will notice that within few days problem of burn will be solved Along with this you can do one more thing, take 2 big spoon of turmericsome water make a kind of paste If you will apply this paste on you feet, event then also you will get so much of reliefyour feet Along with this do one more thing, take chilled watera tub Put your feet's then take out, repeat this process several times

With this also you will get relief Ginger works really good to improvise the blood circulation Then take 12 inches piece of ginger and boil it into 12 lit of water Evenly grate the ginger so that its extract should come outthe water Strain this water after boiling , store this waterbottle keep it with you And throughout the day after eating anything you can take 2 sips of this water So, that the problem of your blood circulation will get solved And also the problem of burning feet will be solved

Although we have done an episode on poor blood circulation, you must watch that episode Watching following the remedies of that episode will give you so much of relief. Along with you cam make an oil for massage, take coconut oil Add ginger juicethat get it lightly heat up Then massage with this oil where you have burningyou feet Messagethat area, within few days you will notice that the problem of burning feet You will start getting reliefneuropathy Sill there are so many effective remedies are left, but that I will tell younext episode

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