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When we originally began with you, we begantreating for chronic low back pain, numbness, tingling, and burning in your feet and lowerextremities. How have you done here in our office with the DRS Program and conservativechiropractic management and what was your overall experience here in our office? Verygood. It's very good I'm feeling a lot better and it works. Great, and you're happy withyour care? Yes I am. Well very good we're very glad to have you as a patient and we'revery proud to help you deliver the results you're looking for. Yes I'm very happy, I'mfeeling good. Thank you.

Acupressure Therapy Acupressure for Diabetes

So you have been diagnosed with diabetes.Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, depending, you can get a lot of help with things like acupressure.Hi my name is Mark Brinson, I'm a of oriental medicine and an international speaker.When someone is diagnosed with diabetes you have to separate between Type 1 and Type 2.Type 1 diabetes usually happens in youth and the pancreas completely shuts down in someproduction. It is a little more difficult to deal with. It definitely needs insulinandor medication. Type 2 diabetes is what most people experience that needs a littlebit of self help. Type 2 is diabetes insipidus and it usually starts around the age of 30and it has to do with diet, weight, and exercise

and it is characterized by weight gain orblood sugar problems. Some of the best things that you can do in addition to the acupressurethat I am going to give you is make sure that you are following a good eating schedule,about every three hours, that you are also getting in adequate portions of proteins,carbohydrates, and simple sugars that's with limiting the simple sugars. Now the as faras acupressure goes a few of the points that are great for that. One is located just onethumb width under the umbilicus or under the belly button and it is a small point calledchihi that is good for overall energy in the body but also can stimulate digestive functionas well and help you to process your food

a little bit better so overall energy andhelp you process food. Another one is a point that is just below the knee, there is a littleprominence there and just lateral or to the outside of the leg in the belly of the musclethere is a point called stomach 36 that is good for digestive function of all types.The one last point that you may want to use is on the inside of the leg about one handwidth above the prominence of the ankle. This is spleen 6, it is the meeting point of allthe yin channels and you'll find that there is a nice little hollow that your thumb cansink into at that point and it can stimulate overall digestive function as well. I woulduse these in combination. They can help to

increase your metabolism and make our insulinproduction go a lot more smoothly and always remember this is specifically tied to yourdiet and your exercise program as well. My name is Mark Brinson wishing you healthand happiness in your life.

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